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Thread: Carrie Underwood Discusses Anxieties, 'Blown Away' & Life as a Wildflower

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    Carrie Underwood Discusses Anxieties, 'Blown Away' & Life as a Wildflower

    Carrie Underwood Discusses Anxieties, ‘Blown Away’ and Life as a Wildflower

    Do you need evidence that Carrie Underwood is still just a small town girl from Checotah, Okla.? Check out her Twitter page. The singer was one of the last holdouts to join, but now says she appreciates being able to jostle with her fans and followers. She doesn’t stalk anyone — most of the 26 people she follows, she knows — and hasn’t become addicted to the social media site just yet. Her favorite part? Watching her number of followers get bigger and bigger… and bigger.

    Be honest with yourself. When you first joined MySpace, or Facebook, or Twitter, wasn’t that the coolest thing? Sure, it’s a little narcissistic, but there is a tiny amount of enjoyment to be had from passing 100, 1,000 or 200K followers (in Underwood’s case). The famously talented and beautiful singer is not above these little pleasures. The things that give her thrills — hearing her song on the radio for the first time or a sweet compliment — are the things that would make us all feel the same way. Sure, she’s got millions of dollars, but Underwood still has insecurities and moments of self-doubt. She hasn’t yet reached that point where she feels like she belongs or deserves this life.

    “I think that’s something I’m still working towards,” Underwood tells Taste of Country. “I mean I love being on stage but there is always to me, deep in the pit of my stomach, I’m thinking Oh my gosh. Are they gonna like me?’”

    ‘Blown Away,’ in stores May 1, is Underwood’s fourth studio album and her first in almost three years. Instead of subscribing to the Nashville grind of record, promote, tour and repeat, country’s original ‘American Idol’ chooses to take time off to live life in between days of fame. She won’t be seriously touring until fall 2012, because July and August are the only months she gets to spend with husband Mike Fisher.

    “Summers are very important to us and things are about to pick up a lot for me anyway, with the album release stuff and his (NHL) playoffs so we’re going to cherish that time,” she says, adding, “then I’ll see him in 2013 I think.”

    It’d be fair to describe the songs on ‘Blown Away’ as dark and theatrical. The title-track is about getting revenge on an abusive, alcoholic father, and ‘Two Black Cadillacs’ is about a wife and a mistress who conspire to get even with the man who betrayed them. These are hardly pages from Underwood’s personal diary, but she’s become a master of invention — an actress with the voice of an angel.

    Continue reading at the link for the rest of the story.

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    It wasn't three years it was 2 1/2 - big difference - great interview though - good questions asked

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    Nice article. I'm glad Carrie has remained humble despite her huge success. It's rather endearing. She's awesome. I love her. Thank you for posting, Ann055.
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    yes it was 2.5 years not over 3..get facts straight article though...thanks!
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