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Thread: Review by Cowboys and Indians

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    Review by Cowboys and Indians

    New Tunes: May 1, 2012

    May 1, 2012 - 12:09 PM

    Carrie Underwood, Blown Away – She’s a big enough star at this point that every album release is an event. That’s why we saw the entire week of free streaming on iTunes and the big webcast concert from David Letterman’s studio last night. But for those who haven’t plugged their brains into the Carrie hype machine quite yet, we thought we’d attempt to hit on each track of Blown Away in 10 words or less:

    1. “Good Girl” – Twangy chorus, dance beat, ‘80s guitar solo. Made for radio.
    2. “Blown Away” – Dark domestic tragedy, told with driving beat and catchy chorus.
    3. “Two Black Cadillacs” – Wife and mistress conspire, get revenge on hubby. Surefire hit.
    4. “See You Again” – Finally, Carrie gets to belt in that special Carrie way.
    5. “Do You Think About Me” – A sonic love letter made sweeter by mandolins.
    6. “Forever Changed” – Delicate ballad about life’s landmark moments. Tear-jerker.
    7. “Nobody Ever Told You” – A little banjo pickin’, a lot of female empowerment.
    8. “One Way Ticket” – A reggae-influenced getaway anthem. Jimmy Buffett would be proud.
    9. “Thank God For Hometowns” – Where would country be without odes to small-town livin’?
    10. “Good In Goodbye” – A woman’s take on the blessings of “Unanswered Prayers.”
    11. “Leave Love Alone” –Down-home country stomp about love’s addictive nature.
    12. “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” – Carrie puts her spin on a Miranda-style barn burner.
    13. “Wine After Whiskey” – Comparing her man’s lovin’ to booze. Works for us!
    14. “Who Are You” – The lyrics are spiritual; the chorus reaches for the heavens.
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    Great review. I'll take it

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    Seems to be a reviewless review to me.
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    Yes, Carrie is a huge star and I think Blown Away will take her star to bigger heights. I'm excited for this era, it's only just begun.

    This is a good review. Thank you for posting, NEILHUNK.

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    short but sweet...really like this one!


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