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Thread: Amazon Reviews

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    Amazon Reviews

    Here are just a smidgling sample of some of the reviews on Amazon right now (I removed names, though some of those things ought to be official reviews):

    Underwood continues to blow away expectations on fourth LP

    The true mark of an extraordinary album is that when the listener experiences it from start to finish, he or she is taken on a journey through positive and negative stories and can feel the emotional connection behind each track. This is what Carrie Underwood accomplishes on 'Blown Away' - her latest, and greatest studio effort made possible by her collaboration with producer Mark Bright. While Underwood's three previous albums are all excellent in their own way, 'Blown Away' fully encompasses what the country superstar has been able to do in the short seven years since we were introduced to her.

    In true Underwood fashion, 'Blown Away' starts off with a bang on "Good Girl," but instead of drawing from her past experiences (a la "Before He Cheats" or "Last Name"), she is positioned as a mentor giving advice to a girl who Underwood clearly identifies with. Interestingly enough, there are hardly any songs that sound similar to each other on 'Blown Away,' and so the album's other upbeat tracks do not follow suit, particularly the maniacally fun "Cupid's Got a Shotgun." Instead, Underwood opts for a handful of mid-tempos and power ballads, alternating between traditional country and modern country themes.

    One aspect that 'Blown Away' has going for it is that a good number of its tracks are more serious, and as seen in their lyrics, cover somewhat darker topics than Underwood is used to. This is the case particularly on the title track ("There's not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of that house / There's not enough wind in Oklahoma to rip the nails out of the past") and "Two Black Cadillacs," which explores a funeral setting where a dead man's wife and lover both arrive in two black Cadillacs after plotting his death ("But the women in the two black veils didn't bother to cry").

    Still, there are some lighthearted tracks that provide balance, especially the sweet, sing-songy "Do You Think About Me," the earthy, gritty "Love Leave Alone" and the Jimmy Buffet-esque "One Way Ticket," which is an absolute must-be-released single. But the album's most overlooked track is probably "See You Again," a rousing piece that was intended for the 'Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' soundtrack. While it is the most pop-friendly song on the album, Underwood's precious vocals fit the positive message and catchy chorus perfectly, and it does not sound out of place amidst the more country fare. The other more somber, serious offerings on 'Blown Away' - "Good in Goodbye," "Forever Changed" and "Wine After Whiskey" - are all beautiful in their own right, with "Changed" being the most touching due to the subject matter, and "Whiskey" being the most radio-friendly of the bunch.

    While none of the tracks on 'Blown Away' are bad, there are a few that are more generic than the others, such as the na na na-filled "Nobody Ever Told You" and the nice but slightly "been there, done that" "Thank God for Hometowns."

    Finally, Underwood closes the album with the Mutt Lange-penned "Who Are You," a powerfully belted ode to her faith, which is an excellent way to tie up any loose ends from earlier tracks.

    There are few artists out there that can be placed on the same pedestal as Carrie Underwood at the moment, and with the quiet confidence and humility displayed on 'Blown Away,' she continues to remind people of how despite al the success she's had, she's still the same personable girl from Checotah, Oklahoma.

    You'll Be Blown & Carried Away By The Beauty Of This Album!

    Wow! This is a fantastic fourth CD release by the fourth season Idols winner & country music superstar Carrie Underwood titled 'Blown Away'. She thinks it's her best album yet and I agree : wonderful 14 track compositions (she co-wrote eight of fourteen tracks in 'Blown Away' CD), incredible production by Mark Bright (beautiful multi-layered melodic musical instruments) & great vocals. Carrie Underwood, a native of Oklahoma sings about small town living, fragility of life, love & more in this release. You'll be 'Blown Away' by this album, she is really on top of her game. The album has a good mix of up-tempo tracks as in "Good Girl", "Blown Away", "Nobody Ever Told You" & "Cupid's Got Shotgun", ballads as in "Two Black Cadillacs", "Forever Changed" & "Wine After Whiskey", the 'edgy/hunky-tonky' as in "One Way Ticket" & "Leave Love Alone" & mid-tempo tracks as in "See You Again", "Do You Think About Me" & "Good In Goodbye". Stand-outs/gems/solid tracks include "Two Black Cadillacs", "See You Again" (wonderful harmonies), "Do You Think About Me"(great banjo guitar sound), "Forever Changed" (wonderful orchestral/piano base track), "Thank God For Hometowns" (beautifully layered base track & melodical guitars), "Good In Goodbye", "Wine After Whiskey" & "Who You Are" (this is my favourite track from this incredible CD with 8 stand-outs out of 14 tracks). Great tracks include "Good Girl", "Blown Away", "Nobody Ever Told You", "One Way Ticket" & "Leave Love Alone". Okay track is "Cupid's Got Shotgun" for me.

    On overall, Carrie Underwood has released an incredible fourth CD that will blow you away (compositions, production & vocals). She needs to creat space in her house for accalades & awards that may be on her way following this release. A well deserved 5 star performance & a highly recommended CD listening!

    Not Quite BLOWN AWAY, But Entertained Nonetheless

    There's something to be said about being BLOWN AWAY. I've always thought the phrase implied more of a `game-changer' - that things were definitely going to be much different after THIS happened - and, maybe kinda sorta that's what I found missing from Carrie Underwood's latest release. Nothing "blew me away," per se ... but, in total honestly, she did everything I've come to expect from her, and that's a good thing ... maybe even a grand thing! She continues to produce likeable country set to likeable musical performances along with her immediately recognizable big pipes. In short, Ms. Underwood can sing, and there's nothing wrong with being BLOWN AWAY by a girl who clearly knows how to belt one out with the best of `em. If anything, she can leave those BLOWN AWAY sentiments behind, continue to produce albums like this, and she'll have a long career. Everything here is `bankable' with only a few surprises ... so maybe while I wasn't blown away, I was still impressed with what she does to a song.

    That said, there are a few variations on her theme here, and I'll give you a few heads-up with a rundown on the tracks:

    Good Girl (4 out of 5): This is what Carrie's career has turned to as a reliable staple - a driving pop rock rhythm laced with winning vocals - but `Good Girl' falls a bit short of the big sound by the refrain that softens up more than needed in the vocal department. It's still a quality listen once it meets the bridge thru its conclusion; maybe it's all just a bit too predictable alongside some of her earlier work, like `Cowboy Casanova.'

    Blown Away (3.5 out of 5): What is this? Enya's back-up band in the opening and scattered throughout the track? "There's not enough wind and alcohol to wash the wins out of that house ..." It's a musical request to annihilate everything that's been bad in an unlucky girl's life. The lyrics are respectfully reminiscent of Martina McBride's best, but it's given a country/pop makeover for the sake of Carrie's vocals. A big sound a bit different than what's come before, and it earns points for being something unique.

    Two Black Cadillacs (5 out of 5): Unfortunately, it suffers a bit from placing on the disc - it's beat and undercurrent sounds eerily similar to "Blown Away" - but it's vastly more interesting musically lyrically so far as this listener's concerned. Country loves to visit its tragedies in song-form, and that's what's at the center of the track. It's a metaphor about two forces in nature coming together and being forever changed by the consequences of that meeting. "The preacher said he was a good man, his brother said he was a good friend ..."

    See You Again (4 out of 5): It's an obligatory track about finding what's been lost once again in one's life and one's heart. "I'll see you again ... this is not where it ends ... I will carry you with me until I see you again ..." There's nothing wrong at all in exploring themes that have been explored before so long as something new comes to the examination, and Carrie does the best she can with the material. It's far more interesting musically than it is lyrically (all a bit predictable), but she gives it life balancing the softer moments with the bigger ones.

    Do You Think About Me (5 out of 5): Nice guitar work set against some quieter vocals than we've heard from Carrie in some time. There's some wonderful harmonizing here. "I'm not even trying, but I can't stop smiling, do you think about me like I think about me?" Country takes a lot of wallops from critics, but it's these softer songs clearly crafted on the back of strong, solid lyrics and the sound of the instruments playing that distinguish the genre from others. Just a hint of bluegrass in a laidback romantic track is exactly what the doctor ordered today.

    Forever Changed (5 out of 5): Excellent piano work opens the track about true love becoming true in only the way it does in the life shared between a man and a woman, as well as between a woman and her child, and even between a woman being herself. What's lyrically interesting about it is that it underscores how wonderfully and magically our lives are constantly put through moments that change how we see ourselves and those around us for the better, even despite the pain and natural heartache that comes with growing older. It's probably one of the best tracks here.

    Nobody Ever Told You (4.5 out of 5): "Shine like a diamond, glitter like gold ..." Life is a mystery, and you never know what's coming ahead; but there's no reason to get all `hung up on the negative.' Embrace the bad with the good `cause it's gonna be there whether you like it or not. It's a pleasant enough diversion backed with a solid vocal performance - and another hint of bluegrass - that we don't hear all that often these days from Carrie. Also, there are some violins / fiddles that perform wonderfully.

    One Way Ticket (5 out of 5): Reggae-sounding track about considering a different solution than you've considered before: have fun, `cause we all have a `one way ticket' when it's all said and done. Go where the pink umbrellas come with the drinks. "Raise your hands in the air tonight, put a little love back in your life, get your feet up, and just kick it ..." This is probably the most easily sing-along track on the whole album. Pure musical fun!

    Thank God for Hometowns (2.5 out of 5): A smaller, meditative sound about respect from where you've come from and how things are done much differently in a small town versus the big city. It's a topic country performers know all too well, and, if anything, that's the shortcoming here: it gets done to death - even Carrie's done it better elsewhere.

    Good in Goodbye (3 out of 5): "Some days you'll see the reason why, sometimes there's good in goodbye." No one understands a heartache when you're in the heat of the moment, but, as time passes, you learn maybe it was all for the best after all. That's the message at the center of the track. Again, nothing all that special, nothing all that grand. Another obligatory track with mostly obligatory lyrics and music.

    Leave Love Alone (5 out of 5): Hillbillyish sounding rocker with some stunningly winning, sexy, sultry vocals performed only the way a winning, sexy, and sultry country girl can, and Carrie delivers. "I just can't leave love alone." Again, and again, and again. "Burn me once but it don't sink in .... I just keep coming back again ..." THIS is what she does so well, and it should find great success if her past is prelude.

    Cupid's Got A Shotgun (4 out of 5): "He gave up on arrows a long, long time ago ..." Clever, upbeat, fast-paced country rock'n'roll celebrating love that comes from cupid's arrow ... erm, shotgun, that is. Excellent musical performance with almost Gospel vocals.

    Wine After Whiskey (3.5 out of 5): It's another musical metaphor about finding the silver lining in every cloud. It's steeped in a very traditional `big vocal' performance - twangy guitars and heartaches - and it works well enough for what it is: a pop standard crafted around very specific sentiments. Not all that bad, not all that grand, just a bit too predictable for my tastes.

    Who Are You (2.5 out of 5): Rising vocals built around a message of love. Again, it all sounds well and good; there's just nothing all that fresh and different about it. It may find life as a wedding song as it's specifically crafted around a woman asking who this man is before her, and, on that point, there's nothing wrong with it.

    Plenty of hits, and not very many misses, is precisely what makes Carrie a musical force to be reckoned with on the country and pop-crossover scene, and BLOWN AWAY is - for good or bad - not a lot different than what's come before. Again, this is not to say - or even imply - that it isn't a worthy disc: rather, there are some excellent cuts here that'll clearly shake audiences on the radio and at concerts. It's a reliable performance built on a recognizable brand. If you're looking for the next Carrie Underwood album, it's here, fans. Rejoice!

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    Thanks for posting. Does Amazon have official reviews? I think they count for Metacritic.
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    Thanks, two great reviews.
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    Thanks for posting! I agree, these can serve as official reviews. You can tell they really listened on all the tracks and gave each one a lot of thought before writing the review.
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    That's great! I saw these reviews earlier today. I'm happy to hear that people are enjoying the album and think it's Carrie's best. I also posted some reviews from in another thread here on the forum.
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    those are some nice reviews..thanks for these!!
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