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Thread: Carrie Underwood: 'Blown Away' and crossing over

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    Carrie Underwood: 'Blown Away' and crossing over

    Really good interview. Excerpt:

    More troubling for Underwood was a sudden dry spell at the awards show that she has co-hosted since 2008. After winning five CMA Awards in three years, including three for female vocalist of the year, many industry observers figured she'd be a lock for entertainer-of-the-year nominations. The competing Academy of Country Music had given her that honor in 2010, and that was before she drew a million fans to her extravagant 2010 Play On tour. But the nomination didn't materialize.

    "When you work as hard as we all did with the Play On tour — that was a big success and a big tour and a great show, if I may say so myself — not to be in the entertainer-of-the-year category in the CMAs did sting," Underwood says. "I just wanted a nomination. Anything after that, you know? But to not even be nominated was like, what am I doing wrong? I could look at it a hundred different ways, and we didn't do anything wrong."

    In retrospect, all the quick acclaim and success that followed her American Idol win and first album set her up with unrealistic expectations.

    "The first year, I was so lucky: I came in, I got nominations, and I won," she says. "I was like, this is how it is all the time! This is awesome! I get No. 1's for five weeks, six weeks! I start winning stuff! This is just how it happens.

    "I got a good lesson in how stuff doesn't always happen like that. And it really was good for me."
    Carrie Underwood: 'Blown Away' and crossing over

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    Yeah, love this interview. And she looks absolutely gorgeous in that video.

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    the library. lol
    That part she said "I just want a nomination" makes my heart ache. I can understand the disappointment. Lol I'm still bitter about it.

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    This is a great article and a good interview from Carrie. She looks gorgeous in this video. I enjoyed this interview. Thank you for posting, TOPDOG1001.

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    Sorry computer was acting up like crazy and I was trying to post this forever -- so there's a duplicate thread if the mods want to delete mine.

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    Tour in Australia in June as well That's so nice.

    Thanks for posting!

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    wow amazing interview and she looks stunning in the video!


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