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Thread: Carrie Underwood Talks Her New Album 'Blown Away': "I'm Nervous No One Will Buy It!"

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    Carrie Underwood Talks Her New Album 'Blown Away': "I'm Nervous No One Will Buy It!"

    Carrie Underwood may be the most successful American Idol winner to date, but just because she's a superstar doesn't mean she's any more confident than an up-and-coming artist. The country crooner stopped by Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Show today to talk about how nervous she is for the release of her new album Blown Away, which drops tomorrow, as well as give us a sneak peek into her life as a hockey wife!

    "Yeah, [Iím nervous] just because what if nobody buys it!" Carrie confessed on the radio show when asked if she's anxious about the album's release. "You never know. There are no guarantees in life or in music and it can get scary, but thereís no turning back now!"

    But although Carrie's a little more nervous this time around, she's confident her music will reach plenty of fans.

    "It's been a while for me since Iíve had an album out, so Iím excited," she explained. "It's very diverse. The songs are really descriptive, its like reading an awesome book or seeing some great movie. We take you on a journey... we go from dark and stormy to really cool and organic to kind of redneck at the end."

    And being a Southern gal is nothing new to Carrie, who was born and raised in Oklahoma, something her husband, Nashville Predators' star player Mike Fisher is well aware of.

    "It's kind of unavoidable," Carrie said of having redneck in her blood. "When I go home or I talk to my mom or somebody on the phone for awhile, Mike can tell, he's like 'Who have you been talking to?'"

    "But because my husband is Canadian I got this weird Tennessee-Oklahoma-Canada accent going on," Carrie added.

    As for whether or not her unique accent and country charm catches the eyes of Mike's hockey teammates, Carrie says not at all.

    "Hockey wives in general are hot," Carrie admitted. "They're all hot!"

    Carrie Underwood Talks Her New Album Blown Away Im Nervous No One Will Buy It | OK! Magazine
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    Pff, Carrie, PLEASE. You're album is going to be one of the best-selling of the year LOL

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    Carrie is like doubting THOMAS

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    She may be a doubting Thomas, but in the end, she always knows the right thing to say!! LOL!!
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    she has no reason to will be amazing!!

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    Here's to hoping people flock to stores....I know I am tomorrow!


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