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Thread: Carrie Underwood Tells You About Her Beauty Tips & Product Essentials

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    Carrie Underwood Tells You About Her Beauty Tips & Product Essentials

    Carrie Underwood Tells You About Her Beauty Tips & Product Essentials
    BY Eden Univer, 11.44 AM EDT 04.13.2012

    Carrie, an Olay spokeswoman, tells you about a brand new campaign that she is supporting as well as which celebs she thinks are classic beauties.

    The always-stunning Carrie Underwood is helping to launch Olay’s “Beauty By Example” campaign where people can recognize their mom’s as their example for feeling beautiful inside and out. For every person that participates in the campain on Olay’s Facebook page, Olay will contribute one ounce of product, up to one million ounces, to Look Good Feel Better, “a national organization dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality of life of women undergoing treatment for cancer,” according to Olay. Keep reading to hear more about the program from Carrie as well as beauty tips from her own mom, details on her new album, Blown Away, and more!

    Can you tell me a little bit about Beauty by Example?
    “I mean it’s all about moms and they’re our first strong women that we see in our lives and hopefully they do set a good example. I know my mom sure did and she’s just a beautiful woman inside and out and would do anything for us and definitely did set a good example for me and my sisters. It’s all about talking about your moms and signing them up on the Olay Facebook page and kind of declaring to the world that your mom’s awesome and gorgeous in every way and you know they’ll donate product to an organization called “Look Good Feel Better” that helps women going through cancer feel good about themselves and that’s a wonderful thing.”

    Can you share a beauty secret your mom passed on to you?
    “We’re simple, she’s simple, she doesn’t have time for stuff. I don’t have time for anything complicated. So basically she was all about staying hydrated, moisturizing, sunscreen — the end. She always wore makeup and she always did her hair and looked really nice and stuff like that, so I picked up a few makeup tips along the way from her just watching her do her own makeup, but mainly just simple things, moisturizing.”

    How do you stick with a skincare routine when you’re traveling so much?
    “I find great things that don’t take up a lot of space. If you want to moisturize and you want to put sunscreen on your face you don’t need two things to do it. Olay Complete [All Day UV Skin Shield Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15] has both and it does both well. I mean that’s important when I live out of a suitcase having one bottle not there is something that, it means a lot — an extra shoe can go in there!”

    Can you give an example of a beauty icon past or present that you look up to for beauty inspiration?
    “I think there’s a few women right now that are just naturally gorgeous and you can tell they take care of themselves. I’ve always said Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorites, people that you can just tell that they get out there and they work hard and they love themselves.”

    Can you tell us something about your new album, Blown Away?
    Blown Away, I mean we spent a little more time working on this album than I have in the past and I think it really shows. I’m the kind of artist that I love all music and I feel like I’m influenced by everything I see and hear and am around and am a part of and I feel like when you listen to the album there are polar opposite songs on the album – things that I don’t feel like most artists would be able to put on an album together. I feel like we’ve been able to intermingle all of these different kinds of influenced songs and it all makes sense. I don’t think you can get bored listening to this album.”

    That’s so unique!
    “You have certain songs for certain moods or you can make your own playlist within the album and be like ‘oh today is my bright and sunny day, I’m going to play these songs’ or ‘oh I’m feeling a little devious today, I’m going to play these songs.’ It’s fun to get to be as creative as possible and get to stretch those boundaries as much as possible.”


    Link to whole article: Carrie Underwood Tells You About Her Beauty Tips & Product Essentials
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    Thanks for posting! What a great article! Great cause with Olay as well!! I just love Carrie more and more every day and I didn't think that was possible!!

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    Great article. Carrie has some good active! She's a great role model for women everywhere. I love her.

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    I love Olay products...even more so now because of Carrie! awesome article, thanks for posting!


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