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    the library. lol

    2011 In Country Music: Year In Review

    2011 In Country Music: Year In Review
    By Wendy Geller | Our Country

    Every year, country music just keeps getting bigger and bigger--and so do the headlines! This year was no exception (in fact, it may just be the most grandiose yet) with our favorite genre taking front-and-center space on some of the season's biggest TV shows, news stories, anniversary celebrations, and magazine covers. Read on for a synopsis of 2011, country style, and be sure to let me know your favorite moments of the year, as well!

    Carrie Underwood burns up the Internets with "How Great Thou Art": Her performance of the classic hymn on a TV special, accompanied by Vince Gill, results in a viral sensation and more than 10 million views on YouTube. Commenters go so far as to align Underwood's version to Elvis Presley's famous rendition.
    2011 In Country Music: Year In Review | Our Country (NEW) - Yahoo! Music

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    Awesome Carrie mention

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    Thanks for posting! I'm so glad this HGTA performance is getting some recognition by the press...and it will continue to touch people every day as long as it stays on youtube.

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    favorite performance ever!


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