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    Post Billboard: Country Music's Biggest Moments of 2011

    Country Music's Biggest Moments of 2011
    by Chuck Dauphin, Nashville | December 29, 2011 6:30 EST

    Glen Campbell's Sad News
    The legendary singer -- guitarist announced that he would be retiring from the business following a final album, "Ghost On The Canvas," and tour. The Hall of Fame member also announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease.

    "How Great Thou Art"
    Carrie Underwood, YouTube Sensation
    Carrie Underwood knows all about the power of television, but the songstress once again caused a stir with her performance of "How Great Thou Art" on the ACM "Girls' Night Out" special in April. The performance became one of the most viewed on YouTube.

    Shelton + Lambert = Power Couple
    After five years together, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert said "I Do" to each other on May 14. It continued to be a banner year for both career-wise, as well. The couple took home the Male an Female Vocalist trophies at the CMA Awards in November.

    "American Idol" Goes Country
    With Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler both enjoying success on the charts, it was no surprise that a country performer won this past season of "American Idol" on Fox, as Scotty McCreery did in May. What might have been the surprise that the runner-up was also a country act, Lauren Alaina. The debut albums for both were two of the biggest releases in country this fall.

    Tragedy Strikes at Sugarland Concert
    It turned out to be a tragic day in August, when seven people are killed and more than 45 people are injured when an outdoor stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair due to high winds at a concert featuring Sugarland. Neither the duo or their opening act, Sara Bareilles, were onstage at the time of the collapse. The duo was named in a lawsuit concerning the incident later in the year, alongside Mid-America Sound, the company that rented the stage, roof and lighting system, and event promoter Live Nation.

    25 Years Of Travis
    Randy Travis celebrated a quarter-century of classic music with the release of his 25th Anniversary Celebration disc. The set included duets of some of his biggest hits with artists such as Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.

    Ronnie Dunn Goes Solo
    After two decades as one-half of Brooks & Dunn, the singer becomes (sort of) a new artist in 2011, hitting the charts with "Bleed Red" and the powerful "Cost Of Livin."

    Hank Gets Rowdy
    Hank Williams, Jr. Loses It
    "Bocephus" found himself in a controversy in September. Appearing on Fox News to promote a new collection of music from his father, Williams was asked about a recent golf outing between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. His reply of "That'd be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu" set off a wave of attention that led to his "All My Rowdy Friends" intro being taken off of ESPN's "Monday Night Football." It turned out to be a permanent end to their relationship, which had been in place for over two decades.

    Tim McGraw Wins Freedom
    And, speaking of two decade partnerships: Tim McGraw won his freedom in a Nashville court on November 30, ending his long affiliation with Curb Records - the label that had launched his career. Curb's reaction? Later that same afternoon, they release "Better Than I Used To Be," the first single from Emotional Traffic, his swan song for the label. The set will be in stores January 17.

    Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees
    In March, the Hall of Fame announced that superstar Reba McEntire, songwriter Bobby Braddock, and female vocalist pioneer Jean Shepard would be the 2011 inductees into the Hall.

    Music News, Reviews, Articles, Information, News Online & Free Music |

    So Carrie basically has 3 of the 10 moments.

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    Thanks for posting! And to think that was Carrie's 'slow year'. Just look what we have to look forward to in 2012 with Our's gonna be AMAZING!!! I'm so glad HGTA finally got some recognition...however, Carrie's performance continues to reach people each and every day!!

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    Nice Carrie mentions. Glad to see the great Carrie moments on her quiet year. Seems like she was still one active girl

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    Thanks for posting this - the HGTA video is garnering lots of views - I bet Carrie is happy about that - I'm glad Billboard recognized it as a highlight and put the video on the article - already the jealous fans of "other" are posting negatives on it - Carrie and Brad were mentioned in the top ten list of songs too with Remind Me! Yay!

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    the library. lol
    Looking forward to 2012, when we will have more highlights and awesome moments with Carrie

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    oh so glad that made the thing ever!


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