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    ******Remind Me #3 CMT Top 20*****

    Were still in the top 5 warriors.....great job.....keep up the great work.....the Carrie and Brad Express rolls on.....VOTE VOTE VOTE....STREAM STREAM STREAM....REQUEST REQUEST ain't over with RM till our sweet Carrie's first single off her upcoming 4th album is out......GO CARRIE WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!(!)

    The Carrie work never stops......don't stop till we drop......RM is on it's way to being #1 on the top 20 again......warriors never give up on our girl......we only do this for one reason and one reason only******ALL FOR THE LOVE OF CARRIE*******WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!(!)

    Taylor Swift may I "Remind" You who's really boss? Carrie that's who Shazaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!(!)

    CMT : Videos : Brad Paisley with Carrie Underwood : CMT Top 20 Countdown 550 : Remind Me

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    Sweeet!!! Can't wait to hear that first single!!!

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    How many weeks total was RM at number one?

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    omg yay...let's all keep requesting!

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    ^^ Thanks! Streaming and voting on CMT plus hitting Carrie's home page, her videos and NEWS articles racks up points for her toward being a CMT Artist of the Year - so let's make sure she is one next year with her new album coming out!


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