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    Why Carrie Underwood Isn't Ready to Have Kids

    Carrie Underwood is pretty clear when it comes to starting a family with her hockey husband, Mike Fisher.
    It's not happening anytime soon...
    "I'm good on the kid front right now," the American Idol winner told me last night at the I Heart Radio music festival at Las Vegas' MGM Grand. "Mike and I are both so busy. We want to do what's best for us and our future children. Anytime within the next few years would just be bad."
    The couple can't agree on how many children to have. "I say two but he grew up in a family of four," Underwood said. "I just don't know if I can do that. I would probably want to pull my hair out."
    Despite dipping into the acting world (she's appeared on How I Met Your Mother, made her big screen debut in Soul Surfer and was last seen on CBS' Blue Bloods dueting with Tony Bennett), Underwood said music will always be her top priority.
    However, expanding her repertoire with hip-hop is not on the bill. "I don't know if they'd want me," laughed Underwood, whose performance at the fest was introduced by surprise guest Joe Jonas. "We did this sketch once in college…We said we were going to start a new music. It was country and rap and we were going to call it crap music."
    Hosted by my E! pal Ryan Seacrest, the first night of I Heart Radio also included performances by Coldplay, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Jane's Addiction and Karmin.

    Read more: Why Carrie Underwood Isn't Ready to Have Kids - E! Online

    i like this line from Carrie: "It was country and rap and we were going to call it crap music."

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    In God's will Carrie & Mike will have kids♥

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    ^^completely agree!

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    its funny to see this brought up again. i just recently attended a show by a band that i follow quite a bit and who tour quite a lot. a few days ago one of their main writers and lead guitarist announced he will stop touring with the band because he's got 3 kids to look after.

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    Crap....she said crap, .


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