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    Review: Tony Bennett reaches out to a new generation

    Bennett, who had an early 1950s hit with Hank Williams’ “Cold, Cold Heart,” also seems particularly at ease with country singers who mirror his relaxed style such as Willie Nelson, who also throws in a guitar solo in “On the Sunny Side of the Street.” Underwood (“It Had to Be You”) and Faith Hill (“The Way You Look Tonight”) show a new side as they avoid country stylings and use their lovely voices to sing standard ballads.

    Review: Tony Bennett reaches out to a new generation | The Salt Lake Tribune

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    I like the commercial where all the duet partners sing Happy Birthday to Tony. Carrie sounds so amazing..

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    ^^ me too...and they sang it had to be you amazingly too!

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    Very nice mention! I can't wait to buy Carrie's duet on Itunes tonight.

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    I saw that commercial too when Carrie sang Happy Birthday you and ended with Yeeeeeeeeah


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