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    Today's Pick: Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Rekindle Love In "Remind Me"

    Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Rekindle Love In "Remind Me"

    Posted by Kevin Z. Rong, Wednesday, July 27, 2011

    Country music superstars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, who hails from Checotah, again join forces on the music video for "Remind Me," their new duet from Paisley's latest hit album "This Is Country Music." Aimlessly wandering around the desert is fast becoming the hottest music video trend for 2011. Underwood and Paisley follow in the dusty footsteps of comeback queen Demi Lovato and collaboration king Pitbull by sizzling in the sand for their stunning clip for a song that tugs at your heart strings.

    The song's lyric finds a married couple in seek of rekindling the flame of their relationship they once carried. "It's about the conversation a couple would have. It could be seven months into the relationship, or it could be seven years, but everybody's been there," Paisley explained to The Boot. "You could be 15 years old on your first dating relationship and wondering why you don't feel the way you did five or six months ago about this person. I love the honesty in that song."

    When dreaming up "Remind Me," Paisley hoped to do a true duet instead of an ordinary guest appearance. The difference is subtle, yet important. Underwood's vocals are pristine, and Paisley does more than enough to keep up. You can actually feel the longing and the pain in both Paisley and Underwood's vocals throughout the single. The lyrics are well written, and lets you actually picture the memories they are talking about. It's hard to find a good vocal match for Underwood, but no matter how much she tries to dial herself down, her powerhouse voice still makes Paisley's very limited range all the more obvious. But that's a small complaint for an otherwise-excellent song.

    If the heat-seeking lyrics weren't enough, the video is set in the balmy desert. What they do not have, despite being in the desert in the video for their new duet, "Remind Me," is anything approximating heat. Maybe that's the point since the song is about a couple whose once red-hot passion has cooled and they feel miles apart. This image easily embodies the metaphor for a dying relationship. Throughout the video, the couple are struggling to "remind" each other of those cherishable moments that fueled the passion of their relationship to begin with. As the music swells, their is a clear desperation and passion fueling their vocals, and they move closer and closer to one another.

    Link: Today's Pick: Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Rekindle Love In "Remind Me" | Music, Movies, TV and More

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    Wonderful article

    I love it whenever a critic or blogger mentions Carrie's powerful vocals, and how difficult it is to find someone who can keep up with her vocally.

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    ^^ agreed...the video was amazing!!

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    His interpretation is exactly the same thing I got from it. I thought it was beautifully done. The song is supposed to have meaning. It doesn't require a splashy video. Its simplicity is more moving than one with glitz would be. I love it. It's going to ring true with a lot of people who see it. I think it's brilliant.

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    amazing review! glad to be reading positive things so far!


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