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    Randy Travis Celebrates 25 Year Career With Duet Project (Carrie mention)

    Randy Travis Celebrates 25 Year Career With Duet Project
    Posted Jun 7th 2011 5:30PM by Deborah Evans-Price

    Growing up in North Carolina, all Randy Travis ever wanted to do was write and sing country music. Over the past 25 years, his life has far exceeded the humble country boy's expectations. "I just wanted to make a living in the business singing and writing. I didn't really have any dreams," Randy tells The Boot. "I'm sure you've interviewed people who tell you clear cut plans, years at a time maybe. I didn't have any of that. I just wanted to be singing and writing. Right here and now, I still don't make far off plans. I take it a day at a time."
    Carrie mention:

    Carrie Underwood duets with Randy's on 'Is It Still Over?' "When she [said] 'I'd like to do 'Is It Still Over,'' I was thinking, 'Are you sure?' But once we were in the studio putting it down, standing beside her, she was just singing the heck out of it. She is such a sweet girl. You can throw any piece of music in front of her. She can sing it. Her ability as a vocalist is remarkable, how strong she sings and the range she has."
    Randy Travis Celebrates 25 Year Career With Duet Project - The Boot

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    I love it when Carrie and Randy sing, and Carrie's voice sounds so good with old country

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    ^^ agreed!!

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    I love how much they respest each other thanks for posting!


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