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    My own "Remind Me" review

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    I was pleasantly surprised to find this complimentary review of the song given the impression you weren't a big fan of the song.

    edit: just reread the review. I just saw mostly Carrie stuff in it the first read and didn't really pay that much attention to the rest... hmm I'm not Brad's biggest fan but he does have much more talent in his vocal and style than given in the article IMO.
    Brad also has plenty of serious songs along with his lighthearted ones. songs like "then", "letter to me" and in his most recent album-"love her like she's leaving", "new favorite memory".
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    I'm not sure it's a nice read or not. Really puts down Paisley.

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    ^^ hmm ya I am not sure how to feel about this...

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    Not a bad review, I agree with some of what you've written.

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    It was well written and everything but I thought it sort of bashed Brad a little too much

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    I used the link to listen to the song much closer than I had before (sometimes I listen to a Carrie performance so closely that I forget to step outside my own cretique and just listen like an outsider).
    I actually think the song is great. It works beautifully.
    It has taken me a few times to get to the emotional aspect of it.
    I would agree that Brads peformance does not meet the intensity of Carries. But I have stated before that their styles of singing doen't exactly match.
    But I do think it adds to the juxtaposition of the two personalities that are seperate but longing to come together again.
    In that way I think the voices are great.
    Were they anymore equally matched you would not have the conflict.
    As it is there is a natural seperation and a longing for union again.
    I think it works great.
    And yes, I love your review.

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    That was really harsh to Brad considering this song was written by him and is on his album. The only part of the review I agree with is the Carrie compliments.
    I think Brad does a wonderful job on his song. You can't really compare his vocal to Carrie's because their voices and delivery are so different. I certainly don't agree with the comment about "This is Country Music" being lighter fare...have you really listened to the lyrics of that song? Also, Brad's guitar solo isn't self-serving...Brad's guitar playing is an integral part of his performances, both live and recorded. I'm assuming from this review that you are not a Brad fan because he is much better than you give him credit for, and he doesn't need Remind Me to prove he can be serious. He has a great mix of songs, not just lighter fare as you mention. Remember "Then"? The other ballads on his new album are amazing as well. Brad is an established talent in the country music industry, but I find your review treats him as though he is some newcomer who has to live up to Carrie's stardom.
    Sorry, but I don't find this review fair at all.


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