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    Someone Call Carrie Underwood!

    Someone Call Carrie Underwood!

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    This is just…flabbergasting!
    Before this year's AmericanIdol was crowned (Spoiler alert - it was Scotty), many of the previous American Idol winners were interviewed to get their thoughts on the big night. Carrie Underwood, who also performed with Lauren Alaina, revealed that each year since she's been crowned, its always been very bittersweet to watch a new Idol join the fold.
    She's happy, of course, to see another deserving performer get their chance to make it big…but some Idols seem to get too big too quickly and subsequently forget their manners. Carrie reveals that every year for the last several years, she has offered her phone number to each of the winners, in case they ever want to chat.
    No one has ever called her! ZOMG!!! WHATZ?! She explained:
    "I've done this every year, by the way, and no one ever calls me. I think David Cook is the only one I've managed to become friends with and we swap stories and talk about stuff, but nobody ever calls me. So maybe they will."
    Can you believe that? We're like, totally stunned! Who wouldn't want to stay up late and gab with CarrieUnderwood on the phone??? What's the matter with these people!!!
    Carrie, send us your digits, girl! We'll give you a call!
    [Image via WENN.]

    Someone Call Carrie Underwood! |

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    Thank you for this --it's funny

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    Oops, didn't see you had already posted this!


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