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    the library. lol

    The Boot - Carrie Underwood Reacts to Hubby's Hockey Fight

    Carrie Underwood Reacts to Hubby's Hockey Fight
    Posted Apr 21st 2011 2:00PM by Stephen L. Betts

    Carrie Underwood knows what it's like to compete. After all, the 'American Idol' champ won a season-long battle on that show, and now faces competition from her country-music peers on the radio and on the charts. But while the singing superstar can relate to competition, she's never come to blows (that we know of, anyway!) with her peers, like her husband, hockey star Mike Fisher, recently did on the ice.

    In game thee of their NHL playoff against the Anaheim Ducks, Mike, who now plays for the Nashville Predators (after being acquired from the Ottawa Senators on Feb. 10) got into a minor skirmish with Ducks center Ryan Getzlaf. TV cameras captured the scrape as Carrie's husband of less than a year was pinned against the glass with Getzlaf.
    Carrie Underwood Reacts to Hubby's Hockey Fight - The Boot

    A link was provided for this YouTube video of the fight and Carrie's reaction. lol

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    saw this not too long ago...she is too cute!

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    Wow that video has 97,000 views?! Did people watch to see Mike fight or are the views for Carrie? lol

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    bold Mike!

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    Hockey player are noted for chirping some nasty things on the ice. The Ducks player may may chirped something nasty
    about Carrie to provoke him to fight. He also will always stand up for a team mate if he feels they were pushed around
    and boarded with intent to hurt by a opposing player.

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    haha carries reaction cracks me up and i love hockey fights! The more the better! You know carrie was thinking "My man is hot"


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