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    Chicago Reader & Austin Chronicle - Soul Surfer Reviews

    The Chicago Reader is what I'd consider to be a fairly decent review, if too short and more of a summary than anything. Just a slight mention of Carrie. Anyway, Metacritic gave the review a 50. The Austin Chronicle review is just meh. Calls it "bland" and ironically says that its "Christian worldview [...] is too timidly touched upon." No mention of Carrie.

    Chicago Reader:

    Soul Surfer:

    Hamilton's recovery was spurred by her Christian faith and the loving support of not only her parents (Dennis Quaid, a strong Helen Hunt) but the leader of her church group (Carrie Underwood).
    Soul Surfer Showtimes & Reviews | Chicago Reader | Movie Times & Reviews

    Austin Chronicle:

    Soul Surfer

    Faith in the divine unknowable is at the heart of Bethany Hamilton's miraculous life, but it feels like it might have been an afterthought in the minds of Soul Surfer's seven screenwriters and 21 producers.
    Soul Surfer - Film Calendar - The Austin Chronicle

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    nice many of them are coming out now!


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