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    Soul Surfer tells story of shark attack (small Carrie mention)

    I haven't seen this one posted. If it is a duplicate go ahead and delete. It is a very nice piece about Bethany, the movie and how the director used Carrie and Sarah as the "Christianity" vehicle.

    Here is the part about Carrie:

    Director and co-writer Sean McNamara says he aimed to show Hamilton's devotion to Christianity through the character of Sarah Hill, played by singer Carrie Underwood in her big-screen debut.
    "When it came time to the religious part of her life, I portrayed a lot of that with her youth minister," McNamara says. "She was going on missions and so forth and I said that will be her part of the story."
    'Soul Surfer' tells story of shark attack survivor | Deseret News

    I think this is why some critics have been less then positive in regards to Carrie's character. It was set up to be the faith part of the movie and so many critics are jaded cynics.

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    hey a mention is a mention...very cute!

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    Carrie is certainly proud of the part and of the fact it was faith based so what the critics say I doubt will make waves with her . Bethany's religious faith is a big part of her life and the fact that the movie was almost done once before but they wanted to leave out the religious aspect and Bethany said No - it's a true story so it definitely should be shown. I see now what Mcnamara did by showing the faith in relation to Carrie's role and why the critics may not like it. I can't wait to see the movie!

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    Yeah but Carrie hasn't been getting trashed for her acting or anything. She is getting ok or indifferent mentions, which is much better then I feared. lol

    They may not like the christian part of her role since they are so jaded and intolerant, but at least they are not calling her terrible.


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