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    St. Petersburg Times - Soul Surfer Review

    Positive review! Nothing really about Carrie's acting, but a nice, small mention of her. I like how they call it a 'Sunday school version of 127 Hours.'

    'Soul Surfer' is inspiring tale of shark attack victim Bethany Hamilton

    Carrie Underwood plays her youth worship minister, so Soul Surfer has more than the usual celebrity cachet for a church flick.
    'Soul Surfer' is inspiring tale of shark attack victim Bethany Hamilton - St. Petersburg Times

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    Nice! Hey the metacritic score is 59 now, not bad. That is respectable, right?

    EW gave it a B! yay!

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    Well, you know , we put up with so many rockem sockem beat em up films so much so that they all blend into each other and the scripts are lousy- it's so refreshing to have a movie like this be a major release and tell Bethany's story truthfully and not be Hollywooded up.

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    I always like to come out of a movie feeling better than when I went in....I definitely believe that will happen with this movie.

    I am stoked!!!!!

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    Mixed bag reviews is better than I thought it would be, to be honest. lol

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    ^^ very mixed bagged!!


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