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    Ottawa Citizen: Mike & CarrieL Did We Know Down Deep This Was Coming?

    Interesting article, but the important point is that Mike didn't want to be traded, so this was a shock to them both and not Carrie's fault. I hope they realize that. He wanted to retire as a Sen, and Carrie supported that. they just bought a new house even in Ottawa.

    Mike & Carrie: Did we know deep down this was coming?

    OTTAWA — They say that when Mike Fisher slipped the five-carat, $150,000 diamond ring onto Carrie Underwood’s well-manicured finger, hearts broke all over Ottawa. With his strong Christian faith and his reputation for good works, not to mention his broad shoulders and tousled hair, the Senators forward was a favourite with the ladies.

    But that wasn’t the only reason his marriage to country superstar Underwood broke hearts: Any student of history knows that when a Canadian hockey player marries a blond American, a trade south of the border can’t be far behind (yes, we’re looking at you, Wayne and Janet Gretzky).

    Underwood put up a good front. She claimed to be perfectly happy visiting Ottawa — she spoke of how she enjoyed just hanging out, working out at a Tony Greco’s gym and grocery shopping in her husband’s city, though she did mention she was getting some pressure from fans concerned that she not mistreat Fisher. Maybe that’s why she made it clear that “I love Canada, but this is a long-distance relationship,” as she told TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

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    i am going to request that all such articles be posted on the thread in the chat forum. i think we can funnel all such things to one thread, unless its something totally new


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