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Thread: Some more UK TV reaction

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    Some more UK TV reaction

    (This broadcast was actually last year, but I had a recording of the segment, and I watched it again, because I thought some of you might want to read what was said, since it ties in with recent discussion on the board about her videos, and about "Cry Pretty")

    For background, the Irish presenters tend to lean rather more traditional, while the English presenters lean more contemporary. This was from English presenters, including Talia LeFevre, whom I've quoted before.

    She began by saying "You have a true treat coming your way" (This referred to Carrie's planned headline performance at the Long Road Festival - which in the end had to be cancelled because of her illness. The cancellation was particularly sad, in my view, because it was a unifying event, covering all sides of the Country spectrum, and it may be difficult to find a comparable opportunity later this year)
    She then picked "Smoke Break" as her favourite Carrie song. These were some of her comments:
    "Very Country - she's done lots "poppy" things, especially recently, but I just love "this" Carrie"
    "Her voice just does this song such wonders"
    "This I think is her hottest video of all time - I love the Country gear - denim Daisy Dukes and tan cowboy boots"
    "Her hair and make-up - she just kills it in this video"
    "It's just a great song"

    Her co-host Eddie King picked "Church Bells" as his favourite video, saying it was also their make-up girl's favourite
    "She comes out so "Boss Lady", strutting her stuff
    "Very powerful"
    "You want to be in the front row screaming"

    Both of them were cooler on "Cry Pretty" (then her current release)
    Eddie said "It's too slow for me"
    Talia said "Not my favourite Carrie song - I don't listen to it as much as I do to her previous songs"
    Both agreed, though, that the video was impressive, and Talia said live performance was better than the recording


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