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Thread: We Didn't Start The Fire | 2013 Celebrity Hype Edition

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    We Didn't Start The Fire | 2013 Celebrity Hype Edition

    To send 2013 on its way, we take a look back at all that hype from the past year- Billy Joel style!

    Lindsay Lohan, Daniel Day, Red Carpet, Tina Fey
    Ryan Gosling, Oprah Winfrey, and DiCaprio.
    Jen McCarthy, Katy Perry, Henry Cavill, Halle Berry,
    Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Manti Teo

    Lone Ranger movie bomb, Miller's gay, Kim's a mom.
    Argo, TMI, British diver says he's bi
    Overplayed, Unemployed, England's got a new boy
    Game of Thrones, Halftime Show, Breaking Bad good bye

    We're gonna start a fire
    Every page we're turning
    Ought to wind up burning

    We're gonna start a fire
    And we'll burn the Globe
    And then the National Enquirer

    Seth MacFarlane, Gyllenhaal, Miley Cyrus wrecking ball,
    Lady Gaga, Star Wars Saga, Michael's crooked doc.
    Emma Stone, Woods and Vonn, Weiner's Weenie, Comic-Con,
    Jackass Grandpa falls, Rihanna's getting stalked

    Chris Pine, Charlie Sheen, Blackfaced stunt on Halloween
    Simpson's Waist, Timberlake, Honey Boo Boo, Harlem Shake
    J-Lo, Seacrest, Heidi Montag shrinks her chest
    Nancy Grace, Basket Case, Reese's drunken rage arrest

    We're gonna start a fire
    Every thing they're typing
    Is a flood of hyping

    Trick Shot, Cumberbatch, Tipping Scandal, Grumpy Cat
    Frankie's sick, Shia's high, Lamar Odom's DUI
    Aniston, Singer brawl, Ratings drop for Idol.
    Shark Weather Homicides, Endless string of famous brides

    Katie Holmes, Miranda Kerr, Space Movie, Gay Slurs
    Nepotism, Russell Crowe, Fifth for Grand Theft Auto
    Newsroom, Iron Man 3, Zombies and Duck Dynasty
    Home wrecker, Taylor Swift, Butter makes you racist

    We're gonna start a fire
    It's so irritating
    How they build their ratings

    No control, Hiddleston, Alec comes unglued again
    Mug Shots, Love Knots, Water Weight, Thrift Shop
    Chloe/ Zooey, Viral Vines, Hunger Games and Blurred Lines
    Jon Hamm, Anchorman, Kristen loves Pattinson

    Poker Fortune, Carrie's Live, Made a baby on the side
    Affleck, Hasselbeck, Abs, Aps, New Duets
    What Does The Fox Say, silver screen for Shades of Grey,
    Cyrus Twerks and Bieber pees, can we have some real news please?

    We're gonna start a fire
    Every page we're turning
    Ought to wind up burning

    We're gonna start a fire
    But when this year is gone,
    It'll still go on, and on, and on, and on...

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    awesome! Love that Carrie was included!
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    Am I reading this right? No Miranda, no Blake?
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    ha i love this!

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    They set the fire for the current ruling voting members in country music. Carrie sets the fire in the world of entertainment.
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