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    Pass The Seitan: 20 Smokin’ Hot Celebrity Vegetarians Help Us Celebrate Fall

    It’s the harvest season, guys! This beautiful autumn weather brings vibrant veggies and glowing complexions to those who eat them. Lea Michele, Olivia Wilde, Carrie Underwood and Pamela Anderson are all self-proclaimed green goddesses who don’t sully their diets with turkey or steak. They’re vegetarians, and they’re proud of it. Whether motivated by sympathy for animals, health consciousness, or a need to fit into a catsuit, these ladies make us want to dig into a giant quinoa salad right now!

    Hottest Celebrity Vegetarians | Celebrity Gossip + Entertainment News | VH1 Celebrity

    what is seitan (i asked myself)?

    Definition: Although it is made from wheat, seitan has little in common with flour or bread. Also called “wheat meat”, “wheat gluten” or simply “gluten”, seitan becomes surprisingly similar to the look and texture of meat when cooked, making it a popular meat substitute. Seitan is also high in protein, making it a popular protein source for vegetarians. Asian restaurants often use seitan as a vegetarian mock meat, and seitan is also the base for several commercially available products such as Tofurky deli slices.

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    nice mention..thanks for posting!


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