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Thread: Ray Gibson ready for her close-up at Cloverdale Rodeo (Carrie mention)

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    Ray Gibson ready for her close-up at Cloverdale Rodeo (Carrie mention)

    YouTube sensation playing first headlining gigs this weekend on Youth Stage

    By Nicholas M. Pescod, North Shore News

    ALL it took was one Shania Twain concert and Ray Gibson knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.

    "As soon as I saw her sing all her songs and perform live I knew I wanted to be a singer," she says.

    Gibson taught herself to play piano and guitar and although it is still early days in her career the Maple Ridge teen has already performed on CTV Morning Live, opened for Tyler Ward and caught the attention of Carrie Underwood.
    Gibson has covered a wide range of artists including Carrie Underwood, Carly Rae Jepsen, Garth Brooks, Fun, Foster the People and Nicki Minaj. "I just wanted to take a song that isn't acoustic and slow it down and turn it into something that is my own," she says. "Usually my covers are country or a bit slower but I kind of wanted to do something different."

    She says that she picks covers mainly based on what she really likes and not on what everyone else is covering.

    "I just hear songs that I like and I get obsessed with it. Then I play it on my laptop over and over again. Then I go on the piano and figure it out," Gibson says.

    The Maple Ridge secondary graduate got a big boost last April when Carrie Underwood posted Gibson's cover of her song "Good Girl." She was at the zoo when she found out that her cover had caught the eye of her idol. "I don't even know if there are words to explain how excited I was," Gibson says. "When Carrie Underwood posted my cover of her it really helped me get a lot of followers on Twitter."

    Read more: Ray Gibson ready for her close-up at Cloverdale Rodeo

    I don't recall seeing Carrie's post but I think this is the Youtube.

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    I don't remember seeing Carrie ever tweet this either..I think the article made a mistake and it was actually shared on Carrie's facebook page based on this tweet I found-
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    I dk what I think of that cover...


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