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    Kristin Chenoweth on Carrie

    Just found this interview she did with Us Weekly. She is so sweet!

    There's 2 little Carrie mentions:
    "It was Diane Warren who'd heard me sing Carrie Underwood's "Last Name" on Glee who encouraged me to do it"
    "Then "Lessons Learned," from Diane Warren, which Carrie Underwood recorded several years ago"

    Then a whole question on Carrie;

    Us: Have you heard from Carrie or do you know her?

    : Yeah, she's amazing, and she's also from Oklahoma. I did her TV variety show a couple of years back and I got to know her just a teeny bit from that. We had a great time together. I hope she's proud of the song. Her version is just outstanding, which inspired me. It's really a testament to her that I wanted to do it anyway. I hope she likes it. I just wish her the best because I think she's a really good, good, good-spirited and hearted person.

    Us: She found her prince charming, so there you go.

    : See! There’s hope!

    The full interview is here: Kristin Chenoweth:

    Love her!

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    posted in the times thread...


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