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Thread: How did you discover Carrie?

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    How did you discover Carrie?

    Here I am, a guy, who is not really a country fan, at all. Pink Floyd is my ultimate favorite band. I also like several genre's. Here are some my favorite artists to give some back ground (Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Guns-N-Roses, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Beck, U2, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers). I also enjoy listening to and appreciate Taylor Swift, Brandi Carlile, Madonna, Rhianna, Pink, Katy Perry. However, sometime after Carrie Underwood won Idol, I discovered Carrie Underwood. I think it might have been when she was hosting with Brad and I happened across the channel. I found her very entertaining funny and natural but it was when I heard Jesus Take The Wheel that made me take notice. Her voice, angelic! Her range, incredible. Her power, unreal. It is like heaven when I hear her voice. I never felt that way with any other vocalist, correction, I once hear Patrick Monahan sing A capella for a bit of a song at Hard Rock and I have never heard such power in a voice like that before...but Carrie's voice! WoW!

    I often will close my eyes just to 'hear' her sing.

    I was unable to see her for the Storyteller tour as my daughter ended up having a choir concert that same night and which she had a small solo. I couldn't choose Carrie over my daughter so I gave my tickets away to my wife's niece.

    However, I did finally get to see and hear Carrie for Cry Pretty tour and just as you all know, it was absolutely fantastic! Just a tad over 2 hours too! Hit after hit! My favorite song, if I had to pick it, was Cry Pretty...really! (and I am a GUY!)

    I have seen many concerts in my day, and seeing Carrie in concert is easily easily in my top 5. The spectacle she put on was top notch, the sound was incredible. I consider myself lucky to have seen her in concert.

    I hope she wins the awards she has coming for ACM and while I didnt see any of her fellow nominee's, I still feel she is the winner because I just dont see how they could have topped her concert!

    I just thought I would share this with this group as you may appreciate the story on discovering Carrie and not being a typical country fan.

    How did you discover Carrie and are you a typical country fan or not?

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    I was never a country music fan until Carrie. I remember watching her season of Idol and she was one of like 4 contestants I really liked. When she made it to the finale, I told others that I would have been happy with either Carrie or Bo, but deep down really wanted Carrie to win. Afterwards, I remember asking my dad to buy me the Inside Your Heaven single from Sam Goodie and I was obsessed with it. But I guess like every season of Idol, the obsession kinda faded and I never really kept up with her. It wasn’t until maybe a year or so later where I heard Jesus, Take the Wheel on a commercial for like the CMAs or ACMS and I instantly became hooked. I downloaded the song and could not stop listening to it. Eventually, I listened to the rest of Some Hearts and that was it. At the time, there was no country radio in north NJ, so the only radio I had was satellite radio on my TV. I would just sit there waiting for Carrie to come on and would change the station when it wasn’t her lol. Then I heard a Blake Shelton song that I ended up loving and then a Keith Urban song as well, and that began my love for not just Carrie, but country music in general. Carrie really started it all for me
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    I have always been a country music fan and have followed Carrie since day 1 on American idol. I have never missed a concert, including when American Idol came to Cleveland. I also do not intend to miss any going forward. This young lady deserves everything she has and then some. She is humble, grounded, spiritual, and she cares about everyone around her, that speaks volumes as far as I am concerned.
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    I heard "Just A Dream " on radio. Loved her voice and the song.
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