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    Honest Vocal Coach - Carrie vs. Adele

    This vocal coach that I really enjoy watching finally did a video on Carrie! Many of the clips are older, but I think you will find it enjoyable! Also pease leave comments asking for more Carrie videos if you enjoyed it and hopefully she will make more!

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    A lot of strange choices for the video spots. For me Adele is such a natural free-form vocalist. She uses the natural elements of her voice to just be emotionally expressive in everything she does. Carrie uses a lot more technique and style to create lots of different textures and interest points.
    Both very good vocalists so for me it comes down to what you like. And I am much more interested in Carries perspective of the use of her voice and the kind of music she makes. I would grow weary of Adeles sound and style pretty quickly if I was at a concert.

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    Apples and oranges, both are great vocalists depending on your own individual taste.


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