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    "Before He Cheats" performed on The Voice Germany

    Second Carrie song being performed on The Voice Germany, after "Church Bells" this year. Unfortunately, no chairs turned this time:

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    nice to see/hear Carrie's songs , but I can see why no chairs turned.

    Someone needs to branch out on these shows and cover something of Carrie's other then CB, BHC, know the biggies. lol She has so many great songs.


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    The singer is Charnée Drake - she says she was born in Germany, but I'm guessing she has American or English heritage. This is a Country Rock song, after all, so anyone wanting less Twang and more Rock might have to wait for a different number. Some wanted a more powerful voice, with some higher pitched passages. That's a fair comment, but it may come with more live and studio opportunities. (Choosing such a well-known once-in-a lifetime song always invites expectations and comparisons with the definitive version - it may be a better tactic to go for a song which has already had several stylistically varied interpretations.) I hope she perseveres and isn't too discouraged.


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