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    Red face Project Carrie: Thirty Six - It is now on Kickstarter! I need your support!

    [Project Carrie: Thirty Six]

    What better way to celebrate Carrie's vocal revolution and birthday than a professional music video with 36 of her vocally isolated songs blended into a medley and music.

    The contribution you make to this project means more value than just a dollar figure. You will be funding my ideas, my effort and my time. Primarily, the money will go into me making the first possible step: purchasing RX 7 Standard. This software will allow me to successfuly isolate Carrie's vocals from her studio tracks. Following that, the real fun begins when i piece them altogether with a few of her tracks as background. There is going to be a beautiful transition and story that i will be creating to put all of it together.

    All the other values that I receive will be much appreciated, given all the hard work day and night that i will be putting into this project and making it happen before the deadline; I would like to execute this by Carrie's 36th birthday in 2020!

    - A 10 to 15 minutes medley of Carrie's 36 Songs produced by me

    - Accompanied by a music video produced by me

    Once the project runs successfully, there will be a community thread in for the latest updates and insights! Let's build this together!

    Some of my past Carrie projects:

    Voice of Versatility

    Blown Away Album Promo
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    Project Carrie Thirty Six It is now on Kickstarter I need your support

    Thats a neat set up. Way better than using my cables. Need to get one. Thanks for the info sammyriver. Didnt you just have a birthday? Happy belated birthday.

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