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Thread: Project Carrie: New Video Project from JenuineC! (if you remember me)

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    Red face Project Carrie: New Video Project from JenuineC! (if you remember me)

    Hola! I am back! Omg itís been so many years since i was active on these platforms and projects for Carrie. I apologise that it took me so long. The years has gotten me so busy professionally and you know how that can put a halt or stop to what you use to do passionately and for a great interest!

    I am recently having an immersive enthusiasm to kickstart a new project for Carrie. This involves getting her greatest songs coming together for a 10-minute long tune. I want to do a medley of her vocal evolution. Of course, it will comprise of a music video that i will work on to put every piece together. You know how much i love visuals. Heheh.

    However, i am a step away from getting this started. I do not know how to isolate her vocals from her music / songs. I know there are apps out there and professionals who are able to do that. I have seen isolated vocals to songs and i was hoping if i can get some help with that? Does any of you / or know of anyone that can do that?

    Just for recap purpose, following is my previous work.

    Carrie Underwood - Voice of Versatility

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    Looking forward to it!

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    Omgg you made the voice of versatility video?! I've watched it so many times!! Cant wait to see what's next!
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    First of all Voice Of Versatility was amazing video. Look forward to it.
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    Really looking forward to your project!!! Where's Melissa, she could probably answer your questions!


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