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Thread: Cupid's Got a Shotgun on The Voice

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    Cupid's Got a Shotgun on The Voice

    Abby Kasch is on Team Kelly and she performed CGAS. I was really surprised this song was picked because it wasn't a single. I'm not entirely sure how songs are picked on this show but I think it's an agreed decision between the contestant and the coach. In this case, I think Abby might have been the one to suggest this song since she identifies as a country artist and must have heard the entire BA album, although Kelly is known to stay up to date with music and listens to artists' catalogues. So it's possible she might have brought it up too. Either way, I think Abby did a good job. Personally, I think, it's a difficult song to sing.

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    CGAS was one of my favourites from Carrie's album - and I would actually have liked to have seen it released to radio at the time. (My idea of a "fun song", I suppose!). It is difficult to sing convincingly: it needs sass, a hint of satire, and an ability to front a band playing Country Rock. I don't know how the Voice selections work, but kudos to Abby for taking it on - she does a good job.

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    Was gonna post this myself and so glad you did. I also thought she did a great job with the song!
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    Saw this and thought, 'Well, this is a throw back, deep cut'. Was cool to hear it performed. This is the kind of fun song Carrie should release, and hearing it last night made me think she definitely should have released this when she had the chance.
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    I love that she (or even Kelly?) went for an album cut. There are so many gems on Carrie's album that the general public doesn't get to see. Specific to Blown Away I love on one side of the album we have GG, BA and 2BC and towards the end we have a different sound with LLA, Cupid and Wine After Whiskey.
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    Love this. Nice memories of Carrie singing it in concert.

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    Its cool to see her deep cuts that are good getting exposer. I have always loved that song. She did pretty good job.

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    This gal reminds me of Lauren Alaina, albeit maybe not quite as good as her. Not bad either though.


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