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Thread: Has anyone here seen an alien or an UFO for real?

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    Has anyone here seen an alien or an UFO for real?

    Unfortunately, I haven't.

    But I have an elderly distant family member, a teacher lady far from sci-fi or supernatural realm, who spoke to us very privately of an experience back in the '90s of an UFO sighting, and never went out of family with it being afraid of ridicule.

    There are a lot of us here, various backgrounds and age and observation opportunities. All anonymous. CMDR XYZ. No one will investigate you, make reports for your employers or superiors, it won't affect your promotion nor will question your sanity.

    So, does anyone here have a real life UFO/alien story?
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    In the early 60's my parents & I were on our way home from LA. We lived in the Mojave desert in So. Cal so we were right at the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. On this particular night there was something hovering in the mountains. It was there for a long time. We pulled off the road to watch & so did many others. There was car after car full of people that saw this thing, but no one ever figured out exactly what it was & we never saw any reports in the news about it either. So, in answer to your question....that's a big maybe!
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    Once when about 20 years ago when camping we saw something. We would always go on a walk at night, away from any lights.There were so many stars.One night we were on our walk and looking at the stars,looking for falling stars or satellites, whatever, and we see what we think is a satellite or the space station.It's making its way across the sky when suddenly it makes an abrupt right hand turn.It was bizarre.Never saw nothing like that before or since.S that's as close to a ufo as I've gotten.
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    I unfortunately have not seen anything. But it could be the military because their technology is probably 20+ years more advanced than what we currently know about.


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