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Thread: Heard it a MILLION times!!! Still gives me goose bumps!!!

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    Heard it a MILLION times!!! Still gives me goose bumps!!!

    I've so been looking forward to this Christmas season because I've been dying to hear All Is Well on the radio again. Our local Christian radio station(this the same station that played the clips of Softly and Tenderly) has started to play Christmas music 24x7. Prior to last year they were very reluctant to play mainstream artists but last year they started to play All Is Well in heavy rotation. The song is mesmerizing and even the hosts make comments about how beautiful the song is.

    I've heard it played a MILLION(ok a slight exaggeration) and it still gives me goose bumps and makes me tear up. When it comes on I turn up the volume and just sit still and listen. Its like going to church each time it comes on. And it doesn't matter if I'm in my car and I hear it or I'm at home. It really makes me stop and listen to the words and worship the birth of our baby Jesus. To say that this song is beautiful, is somehow selling the song and the performance short. I'm serious, no matter how many times I've heard it it still gives me goose bumps, makes me tear up and so happy at what the birth of Jesus means.

    This song is such a blessing and a gift.

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    I request it all the time on the local country stations. Never heard it played. Just re-posted the live performance (which was awesome) to my Facebook page. I too never get tired of the song, and never get tired of watching the live performance. One of my favorite Carrie performances.
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    Love All Is Well. Its one if my favorite Christmas songs and one of my favorite performance of Carrie.
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