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Thread: Before He Cheats

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    Before He Cheats

    So I learned that the writers of Before He Cheats had more lyrics for the song that weren't added in to the final cut.

    I love those lyrics so much, I would die to have Carrie sing them.

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    Ha, ha! Thanks for posting that.

    I particularly love Carrie's first three singles - for both themes and musical style, the variety they showed was hard to beat - and I prefer them to any sequence of singles from her second and third albums. I wish I'd known about Carrie in that fresh era - but I only heard those songs in retrospect. My reaction then would have been like Josh Kear's - "Dude, that's awesome - but who's Carrie Underwood?". I only started to hear about her when some people I followed on MySpace - especially Ashley Monroe - started lauding her praises.

    Josh Kear's extra lyrics would not have worked for Mainstream radio - but it was a badass song, and I can imagine Carrie having a laugh over them in private. People quickly built their own perceptions around Carrie, which can sometimes tend to over-simplify the likely complexity of her persona. She was, after all, the one who picked that song, and the one who asked for more.
    The bit I think she might legitimately have kept, at least in live performance, was the "Damn straight, not on me" towards the end, as that adds emphasis to the central character's determination.
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    I just watched this song following your link. Enjoyed a lot while hearing. lol

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    Hilarious! that would have been cool if she was actually bold enough to keep those lyrics.

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    What's the reason? Why did the lyrics were not added to the song?


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