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    CMA Campaign Ideas

    So, guys, I know I'm not a frequent poster, but my fandom goes back to the beginning days. I used to post like crazy, but now I'm more active at Pulse. Nevertheless, I wanted to start a thread in which we can come up with new innovative campaign ideas and gather people to help. This is really the first time we have to campaign without having any voting power, so our methods need to be completely different. We can't just merely "spread the word", we need to find CMA voters and lobby for Carrie. We're going to have to go Washington DC style with this (minus the bribing... unless)... Really, though, we have to go full steam ahead! We're going to need to e-mail, private message, etc., in addition to our usual campaigning methods. #CU4EOTY is great, but it can't stop there. We're going to have to put our investigative skills to use, here. Any songwriters, news reporters, journalists, radio workers, musicians, label associates, etc are fair game. If you follow any CMA members, send a friendly private message:

    "Hi, my name is Blank I'm a huge fan of what you do, I especially love the piece you did (yada yada). Anyway, I am a huge fan of country music and an even bigger fan of Carrie Underwood. I would like to kindly ask you to consider Carrie as your choice for 2016 CMA Entertainer of the Year. As a fan of your's and Carrie's, I sincerely hope you give Carrie Underwood serious consideration".

    It is SUPER important that you do not get into debates or come off aggressive, you do not want to annoy anyone and make Carrie fans look bad, a friendly message like the one above should suffice, and you should leave it at that. If someone comes back and says "No, I'm voting for Blank" kindly say, "well I thank you for your response and respect your choice!"... move on. We're not going to get everyone, and most voters probably have their mind made up. This is just an effort to make at least some voters give Carrie a second look. Also, avoid getting into the stats - if the voters care enough to vote on stats, they will do so. You presenting the stats again won't likely make a difference, it'll just be annoying. ALSO, let's not spam the voters - they don't want to get 100 e-mails about #CU4EOTY. If you message someone specifically, make note of it here so other know not to bombard them. We don't want to piss anyone off! This method will only work if we're extra careful and respectful, PLEASE be mindful of that!

    In addition to all this, continue to blast Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. with #CU4EOTY, let's try to get news publications and journalists on board like we did for the nomination. The best way to go about this is to make Carrie the most talked about nominee - so spread the word like wildfire!

    ... So, now I open this thread up to any other ideas! Let's make this happen for Carrie!!!

    ETA: Also, is there anyone here who's willing and has the time to make a "For Your Consideration" video, I know one was already made, but I'm talking something very high quality that is relatively short, sweet, but VERY affective!


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