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Thread: 2017 Grammy Awards

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    ^ Huh? What bias?

    Didn't every genre had one award being shown during the main show at night? This year Country's one was Vocal Performance instead of Album. I think it's a good choice by the show producers as it's a more interesting category this year.
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    Apologies, Claire - I haven't been able to see the evening show, so only have a hazy idea what was on it. I thought Trig's rant was inspired by Sturgill's "the revolution will not be televised" comment on the afternoon show. (The fact that Sturgill's performance video is blocked on the Grammy site as "unauthorized in your location" might have been a clue that it was subject to rights controlled by the TV network, but I didn't take that on board at the time).

    In my opinion, though, the fact that Sturgill did perform on the evening show makes Trig's rant even weaker and more unnecessary. It's his blog, and he can say what he likes on it, of course - but I think many of his articles do the cause he believes in little real service.

    Of course most Country Music fans are likely to regard the album category as more significant to the genre than the performance categories - but the viewing general public will often have more interest in the latter. As I said, the supposed importance of the various award categories is not enough to guarantee them a place on a TV show - the show will be planned around general interest and appeal - and more viewers are likely to tune in (or not) for reasons of entertainment and celebrity appeal.
    If, nevertheless, the Triggerman believes that the Album presentation and acceptance speech had more justification to be shown on the evening show., the fact that it didn't had nothing to do with Beyoncé. If it was squeezed out, it was squeezed out by the producers' belief that more viewers would prefer to see other Country material in the limited slots available to Country.
    It would have been a valid point to argue that Beyoncé should not have been given a prolonged two-song performance slot - but scarcely valid to quibble about where Urban Contemporary was presented. No presentation slot can be expected to have a guaranteed place. If Beyoncé had not been allocated the additional time, it would have been filled by other general music material. The Country allocation was already filled by Country material that the producers saw as more ratings-friendly. Bringing in Beyoncé so prominently to a specialized blog basically arguing the relative merits of different styles of Country Music was hardly relevant, and looked like sensation-seeking.

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