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    Fan Project for Something In The Water

    Hey all. We posted about this on our Twitter page and also on the official FC but I wanted to throw it out there for anyone interested over here as well. We're working on a video as kind of a celebration/fan video for SITW and to celebrate its success already. I'm super proud of this song as I know many of you are and we're hoping to make something kind of cool for Carrie as a surprise. I know a lot of people participated in the lyric video and this is sort of on the same line as that, so it IS something you'd be on camera for. (I know that may chase some away) ha but we'd really like y'all to be involved. You can shoot us an email to cunews4fans@hotmail.com and we'll respond with a line in the video for you! If you have any questions or anything as well, let me know! I still come here and read around the boards often, so I'll answer you as soon as I can.


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