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Thread: Delay of PROJECT CARRIE

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    Junior Carrie Follower JenuineC's Avatar
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    Oct 2009


    Dear fans of Carrie,

    I would like to formally apologized to all of you that my latest installment for Carrie's upcoming birthday tribute will have to be called off. This is more painful to me than any of you could have imagined. It was my sweat from 2 months of hard work, needed to be scraped.

    Over the past week, i have been trying my best to recover my iMovie files. There were some issues with either my Macbook or the software that all that was done in the past 3 months were disrupted with odd audio replacements and visual defects. I tried borrowing a Macbook from my friend. Unfortunately, i couldn't transfer anything over and right now, all that i had done is left in my head.

    I wasn't able to pull off a 55 minutes (supposedly) video in the 8 days i am left with by re-doing everything. So, i seek your kind understanding and patience that i am unable to release the project tomorrow. But, i promise, i am not giving this project up just like that.

    I will not, and refuse to, take this as a chance for giving up, instead it could be a reason to better the initial work that i have done.

    I have had a fair share of panic and frustration. Now, i just want to apologize for disappointing all of you this time. And, also to apologize to anyone we tried sending in your videos without receiving an acknowledgement from me as i have been trying to salvage my project files. Guess this project is too big for my 5 year-old Macbook to handle.

    I will join in the party wishing Carrie a happy birthday! And, i believe, there is a reason why i was made (or forced) to start over again.

    Hope you guys will not forget my past Carrie projects and continue to support me at: MrJenuineC - YouTube

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    Ultimate Carrie Fan jptexas's Avatar
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    I've seen your work before and it's brilliant.
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    Ultimate Carrie Fan Farawayhills's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Very sorry to hear about your computer problems - I can imagine how frustrating that must be after all your hard work. Please don't worry about disappointing fans. We appreciate what you're doing, and I'm sure the final result will be worth waiting for.

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    Carrie Guru rainbow1's Avatar
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    We totally understand! Just sorry for all of your frustration!!

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    Insane Carrie Fan lizcarlo's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    It's totally understandable. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Your very good at this kind of stuff.
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    Aug 2011
    awww I was looking forward to seeing it! But that's ok! I do love your videos!
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