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    Get Around Region Blocking to See Carrie Videos

    For those of you outside the US who get region blocked here is a possible solution. You can use a VPN service. VPN or virtual private network creates an encrypted tunnel through the internet. Besides encrypting your data, VPN services anonymizes your IP address and block location information. There are a number of services you can use, I use proXPN VPN . I know this works going from the US to Canada and the UK to US and US to UK for sites I've tried. proXPN has a free option, but it is limited to 300kbs, which is too slow for streaming, but you can test a site to see if it works. The payed service is $6.25 /mo and you get unlimited bandwidth.

    Using a VPN service is the only way I know to get around the region blocking so you can watch Carrie vids & streams.
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