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Thread: Carrie highlights on BBBC radio today

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    Carrie highlights on BBBC radio today

    "Bob Harris Country" will be broadcasting highlights from the second day of the C2C concert on Radio 2 today.


    If they follow the same format as the first broadcast, Carrie will be in last segment of the show. There should be a short interview and about three songs, recorded live at the show.

    The main link to the broadcast is from this page:
    BBC Radio 2 - Bob Harris Country

    It will start at 7 PM local time (which will be in the late morning or early afternoon in North America). We are still on GMT, which I think is six hours ahead of the Eastern seaboard - but you should check your time zone (and make allowance if you've already gone onto Summer time) if planning to listen live.
    The show can also be listened to at any time during the following week
    (I hope the links work in other countries, but can't be sure)

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    For those who can't hear it:

    The show began with Carrie performing TBC (then switched to the other three artists, with their interviews and two songs each)

    It then went back to Carrie, to play her interview
    ---she said that if you close the show, you have to do sound check first, so you're at the venue pretty well all day. She tries to limit talking to conserve her voice. Between shows she doesn't really do anything to "honey" her voice. Just get plenty of sleep and don't go out partying.
    ---the background screens and video content are the ones from the US tour. She sees the crew putting them up
    ---touring overseas plays havoc with her sense of time - needs a couple of days to adjust
    ---she's seen her impact get bigger each time - geting noticed and recognized more. She's feeling the growth overseas.
    ---Bob said how impressed he was with the way she and her musicians could do the interview and live set last time in an hour with no takes or preparation. Said "You're a professional!"
    ---She said "Yes, it's our job - we;re proud of what we do and want others to see it"
    ---Bob called her O2 set the "show stopper" and said "Knock en dead, Carrie" She said "we want to do just that"

    Then they broadcast JTTW/HGTA - and BA
    Audience reaction was very good - big excited ovation.
    At the end Carrie was shouting she'd be back

    Bob closed with "Fantastic set from CU"

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    Thank you for posting this.
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    Thanks for sharing.

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    I am liking Bob.

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    Carrie loves to perform where she is feeling the love and I think that has been a big part of this experience and why she promises to be back!! Wonderful work ethics!!


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