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Thread: Which Album/songs Have stood the test of time?

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    Which Album/songs Have stood the test of time?

    I was thinking about this the other day, after we were discussing songs that had burned quickly during the PO era.

    Which songs do you still love, and which ones burned? Are there songs you used to love from an earlier album that you now don't


    My Picks:

    Album: Some Hearts. Still a flawless album, from start to finish. CR is a VERY close second.

    Songs I still love:

    So Small
    You Won't Find This
    All-American Girl
    Just A Dream
    Wheel Of The World
    Just A Dream
    Flat On The Floor
    Get Outta This Town
    This Time
    Undo It
    What Can I Say
    Someday When I Stop Loving You
    That's Where It Is
    I Just Can't Live A Lie
    That's Where It Is
    Before He Cheats
    We're Young And Beautiful
    Some Hearts
    Don't Forget To Remember Me
    Good Girl
    Two Black Cadilacs
    Forever Changed
    Blown Away
    See You Again
    Who Are You
    Do You Think About Me

    Mama's Song
    Cowboy Casanova
    Temporary Home
    Cupid's Got A Shotgun
    Just A Dream (the studio recording has gone from "love" to
    Starts With Goodbye
    Crazy Dreams
    I Know You Won't (I prefer it live).
    The Night Before (Life Goes On)
    The More Boys I Meet
    Lessons Learned

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    I can already tell its gonna be BA for me; however, some hearts was my teenage years. Will always hold a place in my heart.
    SONGS: I'm doing this by singles of what in general will be remembered.
    from SH: JTTW, BHC, wasted
    CR: AAG and LN and ITYS (can't decide on JAD)
    PO: not sure, maybe CC.
    BA: I'm too obsessed with this album to be objective so I may refrain to comment. Definitely BA as of now tho.
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    Carnival Ride for me has been the album (as a whole) that i can still listen to front-to-back and be like "DAMN that was good! " Before He Cheats I would say is among one of the only songs that has actually "burned out" for me.
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