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Thread: Post your Review :)

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    Post your Review :)

    hey guys, since Blown Away is out, I wanna know your insights about the album! Post your review here!

    I just wanna say that this album knocked my socks off! epic album is epic!
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    I have let it all kinda sink in and here is my little review (its more opinion than review lol)

    Blown Away- A dark and haunting song that sucks you in and doesn't let go til the end. 10/10
    Two Black Cadillacs- Eerie beyond belief with a story that can take you into a nightmare. 10/10
    See You Again-Although it is a pop song, its emotion leaves you with a sense of hope of seeing someone again. 10/10
    Do You Think About Me- Nice little country song about longing for that return feeling. 8/10
    Forever Changed- Not one of my favorites, but I still like it. "nothing ever stays the same" is the best line in the whole song. Thats what really go to me. 8/10
    Nobody Ever Told You- Although Im not a girl with make-up, it still can be relatable. Second verse forward is better. 8/10
    One Way Ticket- Probably one of Carries best "feel-good" songs ever. 10/10
    Thank God For Hometowns- Sweet song about always having a place to go, just not my sup of tea. 8/10
    Good In Goodbye-Absolutley and amazing song about never regretting goodbye, because good can come out of it. 10/10
    Leave Love Alone-Fun, folky mix that can being anyone up off their feet 9/10
    Cupids Got A Shotgun-Extremely fun song with great humor. 9/10
    Wine After Whiskey-Beautiful mid-tempo. Excellent writing. 10/10
    Who Are You-While it seems it is about a relationship with God, it can be taken as any relationship. It shows off Carries lower register nicely and overall a really good song. 8/10


    my over favorites are (not in order) Blown Away, Two Black Cadillacs, See You Again, One Way Ticket, Good In Goodbye, and Wine After Whiskey

    *****ps this could/will all change in the next few days lol
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    I posted this in the listening thread, but thought I'd bring it over here too:

    Blown Away – Wow. Definitely not what I expected, but can definitely seeing it being a smash on radio – multiple formats of radio; is it country? Elements of it – but I don’t think I’d even put this song into the pop category;very good and very different for Carrie
    Two Black Cadillac’s – Reminded me of Fancy and The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia by Reba; Very sly and hauntingly good; easily one of my favorites on the album
    See You Again – Brought tears to my eyes because of the message – carrying someone’s memory with you until you see them again; initially not my favorite, but I still adore it
    Do You Think About Me – very sweet, chill and very country – could easily see this being a hit on a country radio – especially during the summer; one of my favorites
    Forever Changed – brought tears to my eyes, it's beautiful and it’s something you have to listen to and experience; very sweet, tender;
    Nobody Ever Told You – Very country and cute, great message that more girls should take to heart
    One Way Ticket –beachy – ala Kenny or ZBB – fun song that will easily be a crowd favorite, especially at the summer festivals
    Thank God For Hometowns – instantly brought me back to my hometown and where I grew up; much better than typical ‘I love my hometown, I love where I grew up songs’; reminded me of ‘What I Love About Sundays’ by Craig Morgan and the simple pleasures in life
    Good In Goodbye – definitely contemporary country – little elements of pop, but not overwhelmingly so; brought tears to my eyes because everyone has likely experienced this feeling at one point in time; very much along the lines of ‘Unanswered Prayers’; I could definitely see this being a hit single next winter; sad, but sweet
    Leave Love Alone – very country, definitely a good beat to stomp around and dance to; could easily see this being a concert favorite
    Cupids Got A Shotgun – catchy, definitely very country, but so far my least favorite (i'm sure a couple more listens and that'll change)
    Wine After Whiskey – more country than pop; beautiful vocal, beautiful song; not my favorite, but as with SYA, I still adore it
    Who Are You – definitely about God; hearing the clip of this song I wasn’t to sure about the song, but I really like it
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    It's great to read all the reviews for Blown Away. I'm happy to say it's been fairly positive, everyone seems to be loving the album. Carrie has definitely outdone herself this time. I've not heard the complete album, but I did listen to Wine After Whiskey which I absoultely love - flawless!
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    Might as well join the party!!
    Blown Away – Of course everybody is starting to know and love this one; and for good reason. It is possibly one of the most tenacious, intense songs I've heard from Carrie. In fact, it may be the most intense song I've heard this decade. The one thing that this song has going for it is that its story line is so well told, and also so unique. You can't really put this song into a preset like "love song" or " heartbreak ballad". Its just so different. Think Independence Day meets The Thunder Rolls. At least that's what I think....who knows! Single material. Obviously.
    Two Black Cadillac’s – It's unique, chilling, dark, and the production is really cool. Such a strong song, and such a story behind. The writing is amazing, and it really paints a picture for you. Her voice is dripping with revenge, and anyone can see that although the title sets us up for a tear-jerker, this song takes us to a whole different train of thought. Again, this song is going to be a single. No question.
    See You Again – This song is so.....different then what I thought it would be like. It's sad and hopeful, and its just subtle enough to tug at the heartstrings, but not so much that it loses its power. Her head voice has really become more developed, and the melody to this song is just gorgeous. Just a great, great song in its own right. It also has an epic feeling with the little background "Oh oh oh's". Although it leans toward the pop line, it can do very well as a single. Very well. So far, an amazing album.
    Do You Think About Me – The more I listen to this song, the more it captivates me. The first listen I thought "Eh....this is cute." But I was wrong. It's not just cute.....the melody is addictive, and beautiful, and happy. This song is a sing-along, and it is starting to become one of my favorites. Just a sweet taste of wondering love. I think that maybe this should just stay as an album only song, but regardless, if its released I think it will do just fine. Better then fine. If Mama's Song could get a #2, then this song could blow it out of the water. (Nothing against MS, but the writing just wasn't there for me. Beautiful song, however.)
    Forever Changed – What a pretty, pretty song. Its just pure elegance and grace. The writing is probably one of the strongest parts of the song. It is so beautifully written, and the emotion is expressed ten-fold by Carrie's voice. The last verse is what gets me every time. Just a subtle, sad, poignant song about many different walks of life. Well done Carrie. Single material? Hmm.....I guess we'll wait and see. I have mixed feelings. (Considering how she can't sing it live without crying, she may not want it as a later single.)
    Nobody Ever Told You – Instantly reminds me of Crazy Dreams, but a bit more folksy? Yeah, there's definitely a bit more country in this. (Excluding the random jungle voices? Hahaha, made me laugh though.) A nice song to dedicate to someone you really love and think needs some cheering up. Reminds me of the end of a happy movie. Credit song? I personally can't see this becoming a single....but I love it!
    One Way Ticket – Hahaha. It's about time Ms. Underwood did a true kick-back, drink it up, relaxing song. A great, great song, and perfect for the upcoming summer break! Just blast this in your car with the windows rolled down. Of course, very Kenny Chesney, and her voice sounds awesome. Awesome. I feel like this could be a strong single, depending on release time. If they planned it right, it could make a huge impact. Especially "lick it."
    Thank God For Hometowns – A very soothing, enjoy the little things type song, and just a great reminder of where you came from. It's not overly praiseful of small towns, but just about the small events in your life that make a huge impact. A nice one to listen to and just soak it in. That being said, I can't really see this one becoming a smash hit single. But a very pretty choice, and a great message.
    Good In Goodbye – This song is really quite great. At first, I was kind of on the fence about it, but hearing to it again and again, I really think this could be a great hit. The writing is top-notch, and its just a fresh take on a subject that has been beaten to death already. Very nice. Somewhat reminds me of Lady Antebellum with the strong piano part and the subject matter. Really touching song. As far as being a single goes, I kind of think this would be alright, and it would be a nice change of pace.
    Leave Love Alone – I can't leave this song alone. It's so awesome! I'm so glad so did her take on this song and it made the album, because it is one of the ones that I love to just blast and sing along with. Its just a rough, repetitious song which is hard to get out of your head. It's got a bit of grit on it, and that's one of the reasons I love it so much. I could most definitely see this as a future single.
    Cupids Got A Shotgun – Hahaha of course. the title alone implies that this song is a country song. It is a get up and dance, two-step song. I'm glad that she shows her versatile side, and her voice sounds just rockin. A fun, fun, fun, song. One I'm going to enjoy at concerts. I feel like as a single, it would do well, but it might be a bit too...playful? I don't know, you'll know what I mean when you hear it. But one I'm going to love belting out in my shower.
    Wine After Whiskey – My favorite song of the album? Quite possibly. It's just that strong of a song. If you mix all of the tunes on this album together, I feel like you could come up with this song. It's got the intensity, the writing, the depth, and the musicality. It's almost an indicator of what Carrie has done on this album, and where she has grown as a musician. Its subject matter is painful and can induce a fear tears. A desperate plea for what was, if this isn't a single I would be EXTREMELY surprised. And a bit upset (: (Crazy that it was written for Play On though!)
    Who Are You – A nice closer to an amazing album, and I'm very happy she put one on here that reflects her beliefs. It's not super preachy, but its obviously one that she needed on here. I'm glad its at the end, however because its got a little bit of a different flavor then the rest of the album. But I really like the ideals behind this song, and again, her voice sounds spectacular. I don't see this one becoming a single, although maybe it could do well on some Pop Christian charts? Who knows.

    Well, there's my thoughts....sorry its a little on the long side.....wee. Best album yet? I think so.
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    My review won't be long or detailed, but I LOVED the album. I listened to it twice, but I decided I couldn't listen to it agan on itunes because I had ignored my family long enough . I cannot wait for May 1st - and I may have to buy 2 because I may wear the first one out by playing it over and over again!!! It is a MASTERPIECE! I felt each song differently but by the end I was so ready to hear it again (both times) so I know that this will be played until everyone in my family is sick of it!
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    My review (i made one after listening to BA for the first time). This review comes after a whole day listening to it. lol

    1. GOOD GIRL : I love GG , especially the vocal she delivers. The lyric is great. Melody is a lil too rock for country to be honest. But it still fits. Honestly, i feel GG doesn't suit BA at all. Maybe it serves as a lead single, so it's understandable. 8.5/10

    2. BLOWN AWAY : This sounds so fresh. And i love her low voice in the 'there's not enough....' and i can feel her voice power in this song. The story line is so country music kinda song. I love it. 9/10

    3. TWO BLACK CATILLACS : This is the weakest song in this album IN MY OPINION. It's great but it's weak compare to all the other songs. I love the dark theme. 7/10

    4. SEE YOU AGAIN : Again, another fantastic song in this album. I can see this become super huge if it's released as a single. The lyric is outstanding. Carrie sings it perfectly. 9.5/10

    5. DO YOU THINK ABOUT ME : It reminds me of Colbie Caillat kinda song and i love it. Easy Listening. I think this is the first love song that Carrie sings without belting. I can feel the love when she sings it. 8.5/10

    6. FOREVER CHANGED : The tearjerker of the album. It's so sad yet so meaningful. I understand now why Carrie said she cried everytime she sang it. 8.5/10

    7. NOBODY EVER TOLD YOU : I'm kinda shocked that not many list this as their fav because this song totally gets my attention when i hear it on the album sampler. I love it. The lyric is beyond amazing. The voice and the production is perfect. 9.5/10

    8. ONE WAY TICKET : One word -> OUTSTANDING. Perfect summer anthem. The whistle lives up the song. 9.5/10

    9. THANK GOD FOR HOMETOWNS : Not much i can say about the song. 8/10

    10. GOOD IN GOODBYE : It's great. I love the lyric. But it's not something new. 8/10

    11. LEAVE LOVE ALONE : Another highlight of the album. It sounds so country. I love Carrie's twang. 9.5/10

    12. CUPID'S GOT A SHOTGUN : This song reminds me of Brad Paisley's songs. I love it. Sounds so fun and Brad plays guitar like a God. 9/10

    13. WINE AFTER WHISKEY : I love the lyric and the melody and how Carrie sings it. So powerful yet so sad. It kinda reminds me of REMIND ME. 8.5/10

    14. WHO ARE YOU : Again, i fell in love instantly. 8/10

    OVERALL : At this moment, i feel like this is the best effort album Carrie's done ever. I don't know if BA will be my favourite along with SH and CR because i have to listen it for long time and if i still love it like i do now, then it will be fav . But for now i just fall in love with this album
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    In the months leading up to the release of her fourth album Blown Away, Carrie Underwood offered up some hints to her fans as to whatto expect. No power ballads! Definitely no love songs! Her darkest album yet! While all of this is indeed true of Blown Away, the end result is not asgroundbreaking as one might’ve hoped. The listener can feel Ms. Underwoodtrying to be different, and in theory it is respectable. In practice, however,she only pulls it off half the time. Every successful foray into new territoryis coupled with a not-so-successful second attempt. The brilliant title track Blown Away feels haunting and authentic,while the less than fantastic Two Black Cadillacscomes off as dark for its own sake. She also tries her hand at a more countrysound, resulting in the superb Cupid’sGot a Shot Gun, which features Brad Paisley on guitar. Underwood even pulls of a Jimmy Buffet type ode to vacationcalled One Way Ticket, which soundsso incredibly refreshing in the midst of bland mid-tempo numbers such as Do You Think about Me and Forever Changed. Other attempts toattract a country audience meet the same fate, with Thank God for Hometowns and NobodyEver Told You coming off as cornier versions of songs that already exist (This One’s For The Girls too apparently.)See You Again and Who Are You are improvements, but a lackof specificity keeps these songs from growing. Carrie’s attempt to try it allmay be brave, but it doesn’t allow her to commit to anything and makes thealbum feel in some places disconnected. However, all is not lost, and some great momentsdo rise to the surface. Underwood does not once falter vocally. Her phenomenal voiceshines on every track and makes even the worst song somewhat enjoyable tolisten to. Leave Love Alone stands out as a completely new sound forUnderwood, and Good In Goodbye feelseerily personal, with lines such as “I thank God I didn’t get what I thoughtthat I deserved.” Ironically, Underwood’sbest moments are the places where she sticks to her old formulas. For example, therockin’ first single Good Girl, whichwarns a female about a bad fella, and the stunningly beautiful Wine after Whisky, a top notch Carriepower ballad. These tracks that work the best are the ones that Carrie herselfsells. She at times sings with suchconviction that you know she cares and it makes you care as well. It’s a shamethat it doesn’t encompass the whole album. While Underwood gets points fororiginality here, she needs a little bit more cohesiveness for listeners to beblown away. And she need not try so hard to do something so drastically different,for diehard fans will miss her familiar sounds on this record. Surely powerballads and songs about cheating boyfriends have not run their course. Just askAdele.
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    My review:

    Love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jade_kt View Post
    My review:

    Love it.
    My too!

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    Blown Away is definitely Carrie's most mature, well rounded and cohesive album yet.It seems like the lukewarm reception to Play On was a blessing in disguise. Honestly, I had started to lose a little faith in Carrie after Play On but Blown Away delivered like I never expected it to. Just so that I don't have to repeat it on every song, Carrie's voice in each of them is stellar. She sings each of these songs with so much conviction that she makes you believe she's lived through it all.

    Good Girl - I'm not a big fan of the lyrics of this song but man it's fun. It's such a great start to the album. 8/10

    Blown Away - Carrie's version of dark is DARK but the darkness in the lyrics is deliberately countered by the somewhat inspirational tone of the music. This is one of the best songs Carrie has ever recorded and one of the best songs that I have heard that has handled the theme of abuse. The way she delves into the chorus, you know she means every single word. 10/10

    Two Black Cadillacs - Not the song I was expecting. I knew it was about a dead guy and his wife and mistress. The lines "the women in the two black veils didn't bother to cry", followed by "he's not the only one who had a secret to hide" surprised me. This is a delicious song eventhough I think murdering the guy is a bit of an overreaction. 9.5/10

    See You Again - This sounded exactly like what it was supposed to be, a soundtrack song. It's near the bottom for me 6.5/10

    Do You Think About Me - You can easily imagine this as a 'sittin' on the front porch with a guitar song'. It's not too deep. After the dark sounds of BA and TBC and the heavy production in SYA, this song is a good break. 8/10

    Forever Changed - Carrie's story telling ability is at the best we've seen so far on this song. The beautiful verses are elevated to higher levels by her voice. I like the verses more than the chorus but that's only because it's hard for any chorus top them. 8.5/10

    Nobody Ever Told You - Carrie once again shifts gears here and sings a lot of girly stuff. Not my favorite kind of song but I appreciate this one 7.5/10

    One Way Ticket - This song makes me want to go the beach. It's the song that I never would've expected Carrie to record but somehow it's the song that she should've recorded before. Fun and goofy. That's what this song is and it doesn't need to be anything else. 8.5/10

    Thank God For Hometowns - Blown away was the perfect album for Carrie to record this. Sometimes all you need to do is go back to your roots for a break away from the strangeness of life. I like that fact she's not extremely emotional about her hometown but it's a hit of nostalgia. 8/10

    Good In Goodbye - What strikes me about this song is how true to life it is. Sometimes there is good in goodbye. 9/10

    Leave Love Alone - When I heard the demo I wasn't sold on it because I found it way too repetitive. I don't know what Carrie did to this song but this is one of my absolute favorites on the album. Just fun and easy and a great instrumental bridge. 9/10

    Cupid's Got A Shotgun - Fun and very well written. That's all I want to say. It's not a song that needs to be analysed. Brad's guitar playing was awesome. 9/10

    Wine After Whiskey - This reminds me of What Can I Say. I feel like it could've done with a lighter production. While it's a very good song it's not my favorite on the album. This one makes up the middle tier. 8/10

    Who Are You - I'm not sold on this. I don't think this is a great end to a great album. It's decent at best for me. 6/10

    Overall: 8.25
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jade_kt View Post
    My review:

    Love it.

    Me too!! lol

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    Not a review, but an observation.

    Do You Think About Me, One Way Ticket, Cupid's Got a Shotgun, Wine After Whiskey are far more superior than what I'm hearing on country radio right now.

    I'm not even going to mention the other great obvious single possibilities on Blown Away, like oh say TBC. I'm just sayin.

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    This is my personal reaction - I think one great thing about the album is that everyone is going to find their own meanings, references and highlights in such a varied 14 song selection.

    After listening to the whole selection, I'm still in awe of the lead single Good Girl. While the lyrical theme of the voice of conscience, with the singer's wiser self warning her lovestruck alter ego of the true nature of the low life she's courting is interesting, the real strength of this song lies in the musical changes that Carrie introduces. I'm particularly impressed by the drop to the sensitive conversational parts, ending with the quietest, resigned "and go" at around 2.12. The final third of the song, from about 2,20 is an impressive echo of Alternative Country Rock, with a Blues influenced vocal, subsiding into a surprising a capella finish. This is one of the most challenging and musically interesting songs that I've heard from Carrie - and it alone would be enough to convince me that she's serious about taking her album work to a new level.

    It's followed by two "dark" revenge songs, with word pictures and story-unfolding in the "Southern Gothic" tradition. Blown Away is probably the more musically innovative, with several creative studio effects. In succession, the music suggests the anticipation of the coming storm, the sudden force of the wind, and even the suggestion in sound of the whirlwind itself at 2.35. In both these songs, as often in the Southern Gothic tradition, much is left unsaid - allowing the listener to supply the details. We are not explicitly told what sins the girl experienced in the doomed house, or much about the "secret" buried at the grave in Two Black Cadillacs. One impressive detail of the music in the latter is the Country Blues influence, both as Carrie sings the line about the preacher and the brother, and as the background voices sing "bye bye"

    These three songs, for me, best fulfill the promise of a new level in the music, with Carrie going in an innovative "South of Nashville" direction that is more Progressive than we usually hear in the Mainstream. Rather surprisingly, they're followed by what I regard as the album's track which is most closely linked to her earlier career, "See You Again", one I find most reminiscent of several of her earlier "Power Pop" songs. On reflection, I felt that Carrie may have included this song at this point to reassure her audience that she was not giving up this side of her musical persona, and would relate to listeners who prefer a more General Music feel. It's well sung, with vocal variations, but I found little in the music, although like "Good Girl" it finishes with a quiet, almost a capella ending.

    Songs 5 and 7 I would pair together as good material to attract, in particular, the young fans who are the most important demographic in supporting Contemporary Country artists today, and are also likely to be significant in Carrie's international push. Do You Think About Me is a fresh, enjoyable celebration of first love, with a Contemporary Country twang and a Hillary Lindsey-styled vocal. Nobody Ever Told You shares stylistic similarity, but is more seriously themed, as a confidence-builder for those who feel unsure of their appeal - a thoughtful song, that could be an anthem for the under-rated.

    These songs flank what I regard as one of the album's great highlights, Forever Changed. Although very different, this song jumps out for me, with "Good Girl", as one of the two songs that give Carrie the most challenging and most successful demonstration of her vocal ingenuity. She handles this with a deceptively under-stated, but beautifully expressed sensitivity, that make it, for me, one of the emotional great songs in modern female Country Music. In my personal "play list", I'd put it on a level with Beth Nielsen Chapman's "Sand and Water" and Mindy Smith's "One Moment More" - two songs I can never hear without a lump in my throat.

    On a completely different level is One Way Ticket. Normally, I tend to skip these "feel good" holiday songs as one of the more superficial trends in Mainstream Country, but this is new ground for Carrie, and I think she pulls this off with an infectious sense of fun. Although it wouldn't be a direction I'd hope her to explore often, this gives a new twist and a good counter-weight to other parts of the album. And she even includes a hint of Red Dirt "stick it to the Man" sentiment!

    Thank God For Hometowns addresses another familiar Mainstream Country theme - but I found this one particularly interesting. These songs need care to avoid seeming clichêd, but this one paints some word pictures worthy of the NGDB's "The Resurrection", and is sung with an authenticity reminiscent of LBT's "Boondocks".

    Good in Goodbye is another interesting song - in some ways I like to see this as the aftermath of "Good Girl", several years on. Here the singer refers to the relationship she broke off with the unusually thoughtful line "thank God I didn't get what I thought I deserved" - and introduces a hopeful light at the end of the tunnel, in the resolution that both parties seem to have found a better life apart.

    This is followed by a group of three strong songs, each seeming to address a different part of the Country Music community. Leave Love Alone is a personal favourite of mine, and one of the most "Rootsy" songs that Carrie has ever included. The jangly backing, the underlying stomp rhythm and the occasional whoops give this song both an Appalachian influence, and also a touch of Gordie's Nova Scotian background. Cupid's Got A Shotgun is an infectious example of Country Rock, with some great guitar work from Brad and a feisty, convincing vocal from Carrie herself. She even takes a step into Outlaw music with the song's unexpected twist - when she loads up her Remington and counter-attacks Cupid. Wine After Whiskey should appeal to Neo-traditionalists. It reminded me, thematically, of the Nanci Griffith couplet "I was frightened by the thunder of our hearts in '69. but I live my life in whispers now.". This is one of Carrie's most mature and and moving songs, and a striking (almost) close to the album.

    The actual close, though, is given by Who Are You, a song which I find more interesting and memorable with each listen. Carrie, I feel, always likes to conclude her albums with a song that is different from the album as a whole, but which contains a message that she finds significant - and which is often inspirational. This is certainly different musically, but I find its message powerful and thought provoking.

    In weighing up the album as a whole, I'm struck that several of the most interesting songs are among Carrie's own eight co-writes, and that Hillary's sometimes overlapping and sometimes separate eight provide much of the balance, making it a satisfying and inspired partnership for the album songs as a whole. The other writers too, I find, seem better suited to what Carrie is trying to achieve than I sometimes felt to be the case on "Play On". This, I feel is Carrie's strongest album. While it contains enough variety to give a very broad range of tastes something to enjoy, I find a particular strength for Carrie's career goals in the fact that the seven songs that I see as the most musically complex (1,2,3 ,6, 11,12,13) are balanced by the other seven which give the album a more Mainstream feel. This allows the album to break new career ground, while still retaining the contemporary career milieu. Hopefully, this will give it the success it roundly deserves.

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    Yay! I always wanted to do this! ahem.

    Good Girl -- Carrie's team knows what its audience likes, and she employs that to the best of her ability in this song. Although it does sound a bit formulaic to me in comparison to her previous hits "Cowboy Casanova" and "Before He Cheats", she brings a different delivery to the song, embracing the sassy rocker side that fans love.

    Blown Away -- Nothing about this song is anything like Carrie has ever attempted. She promised it would be dark, and dark it is. With a unique spin on an abusive, drunk father and his daugher taking revenge on him, Carrie's voice soars as she yells, "Blown Away" with as much ferocity as she can muster. While some country purists may find the song too pop, fans will no doubt love the darker direction she had taken with this song.

    Two Black Cadillacs -- If a song were ever 'visual', it would be this one. From describing the bright headlights to the the black veils of the wife and the mistress, Carrie once again dips into the darker aspect of country-pop. With church-styled "Bye Byes" and rolling drums towards the end of the song, this is another strong track on the album and another sure pick for a single.

    See You Again -- Styled after Carrie's hopeful "There's A Place For Us", See You Again is sure to put smiles on the faces of her Christian followers. Her faith and strong belief in heaven is evident as Carrie's vocals soar in this song. She also shows her vocal versatility, as her voice shifts to softer tones as well. "This is not where it ends, I will see you again," Carrie sings confidentally.

    Do You Think About Me -- This one is another track that offers a slightly different direction for her. Carrie sounds geniunely happy in this song -- her voice is warm and sweet, as she describes an innocent love, that for whatever reasons, went away, yet still remains. One highlight of the song is her folksy, "Oh, I just can't stop smiling."

    Forever Changed -- Carrie had already hinted to fans that this track was her favorite song to sing, even though it was extremely difficult to get through without crying because of it's heart-touching subject. Described from the viewpoint of a daughter losing her mother to dementia as she gets older, Forever Changed looks back over the mother's life over soft piano and pure vocals from Carrie.

    Nobody Ever Told You -- Carrie really excels at singing uplifting, empowering songs, and this one is no different. Carrie advises all the girls out there to "take off all the makeup, throw away the magazines, and turn off the static on the tv". One notable moment in the song are her African dance-styled repititions of "Na na na", which give the song a fun, happy beat.

    One Way Ticket -- It was about time for Carrie to do a tropical-themed song, and fans will no doubt be pleased by this unique track! Carrie sounds geniunely care-free as she sings, "Say hey, goodbye yesterday". A fun summer song that will have fans singing along.

    Thank God for Hometowns -- Carrie's ode to her small town of Checotah, Oklahoma (and hometowns all across America) is sure to spark a hit with her country followers. From describing the "faces that will never forget you", to thanking God "for church pews", Carrie's delicate delivery keeps true to country and the small-town values that her listeners can relate to.

    Good in Goodbye -- Penned with One Republic's Ryan Tedder, Carrie's soft vocal delivery is pure magic on this track. While she laments over love lost, she admits that she thanks God "I didn't get what I thought that I deserved." Carrie offers an important message for all her listeners -- while breaking up is hard at first, ultimately, there's good in goodbye.

    Leave Love Alone -- The album picks back up again as Carrie dives into the folksy Leave Love Alone. "I just can't leave love alone," she admits to handclaps and foot stomps. A fun, sassy country tune, radio is sure to love this one.

    Cupid's Got A Shotgun -- Carrie continues with the fast-paced, country feel with the next track. Getting some help from Brad Paisley on guitar, Carrie croons, "Cupid's got a shotgun, aiming at my heart, I've been dodging bullets, hiding in the dark." While this isn't my cup of tea exactly, I'm sure her country fans will love it.

    Wine After Whiskey -- One of the standouts on the album is another, slower-paced co-write. Carrie once again laments over lost love, admitting that nothing compares to the love that she is singing about. "It's like having wine after whiskey" she croons, her vocals rich with emotion and loss.

    Who Are You - Ending the stellar album is Carrie's "Who Are You", which could possibly be aimed at Christian listeners. There's someting rich and powerful about her vocals here, as well as convincing. She sings with true conviction, saying, "You are the light I follow."
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    Faraway Hills, you said it so very well and echoed almost exactly my thoughts on the entire album I certainly have no musical training but as a senior citizen, I have been listening and making observations for just over 50 yrs. That is when I first started listening to music and knowing what I was listening to. My aunt babysat me and was a huge country werstern music lover. My own mother and father were more the Lawrence Welk. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra types. Then came Elvis and the Beatles and I got to watch a major music evolution. I always find it strange that people lable Carrie pop, not country. Country has been many things over the years from the real barn style music of Hee-Haw to the music of Barbara Mandrell. I find it strange that people today don't see that music has always evolved, even within the genre. Barbara Mandrell was never dissed, but her singing was always much more top 40's mainstream than the heavier country. It has always been a very diverse genre, it just seems that those that are doing the complaining are stuck in a time warp where Patsy, Merle, Waylon and Don Williams are at the top of their game. Their music will never die, but had they still been performing, i think you would have seen them being innovative to remain as good as they could be. Great review and I certainly could not have said it any better.
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    Guys, we need to post Faraway's review on Twitter. It is a couple of posts up. Jess already did it, and I have retweeted it. We need to get others to do it. It is an exceptional review. Maybe some of the hater's will see it!!!
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    Here is my review of Blown Away:

    Good Girl is definitely the most radio friendly song on the album. It has a nice blend of country, rock and pop that pleases both traditional and mainstream fans. It has already proven itself an exceptional song. However, in my opinion, it should NOT have been the LEAD single. Rather, it should have been saved for later on in the album era. While it does make a fine lead single, I believe the second song, Blown Away, would've made a much better lead single for the spring, and save Good Girl for the summer as Good Girl is much more of a summer anthem than Blown Away. However, GG will be one of the songs everybody will be jamming out to at the concerts.

    Blown Away. Everyone's favorite, and not without good reason. This song showcases a side of Carrie we've rarely seen before--I think the closest we came to it was Just a Dream. It tackles a heartbreaking issue, and Carrie's vocals soar on this song. She really showcases how versatile a vocalist she is. I thoroughly enjoy the production on this song, and I am interested to see what they do with the video for this song, as well as the concert performances. In my opinion, this should've been the lead single.

    Two Black Cadillacs. A haunting song that really does what country music is known for: telling a story. Carrie has never really had a story telling song before--at least, not to this extent. The subject matter of the story being told is far outside Carrie's comfort zone, and that's what I love about this song. It really shows Carrie is willing to go outside the box and experiment. I hope to see more story telling songs in the future.

    See You Again. Farawayhills said previously that this is the closest thing to her early career we get on Blown Away, and I wholeheartedly agree. It gives almost a reminiscent feel, like it could've been on Some Hearts or even Carnival Ride. I could definitely see this song having single potential. I believe this to be one of the best, musically, songs on the entire album.

    Do You Think About Me. Am I the only one reminded of Lady A when I hear this? Lol, not that that is a bad thing. I think this song fits the bill for BA perfectly. It is somewhat new for Carrie, and the lyrics really speak to me. They could be about a friendship or a first love. I really relate to this one, and that's why I like it so much. In fact, I would say this is one of the most relateable songs on the album--and if I'm gonna be honest, that is one major flaw I feel this album kinda has: relateability.

    Forever Changed. I will be completely honest here, I'm really not feeling this song as much as most of you are. I feel like this is nothing more than Mama's Song Part 2. I do like it, I really do. However, it is one of the weaker songs on the album, and probably my least favorite. I also feel like including this is kind of redundant, as there are several soft ballads on the album already.

    Nobody Ever Told You. I really like this one. I feel like with all the uplifting anthems out there right now, this really fits in with modern music. While the lyrics are somewhat weak, I don't think that's a bad thing in this case. In fact, I think it enhances this particular song. Easily one of my favorites on the album, as it is relatable and inspirational.

    One Way Ticket. I love this song with every fiber of my being. It is so different from anything Carrie or any other country female has done recently (or, in Carrie's case, ever). She is really showing that she can do those fun, feel good songs just as well as Kenny or ZBB can.

    Thank God for Hometowns. I like this song. While it's not very relatable for most, I can see where it can be relatable. However, this isn't different from anything Carrie's done (IAICA, DFTRM). I do like this song, but it's not one of my favorites.

    Good in Goodbye. I almost cried when I first heard this song. I recently lost quite a few friends in some bad circumstances, and this really spoke to me. It really made me realize that I am better off without them after all. One of my favorites on the album, and I think this should be a single. It is easily the most relatable song on the album, as well as vocally, lyrically and musically elegant.

    Leave Love Alone. I'm not a huge fan, I'm not gonna lie. I find this song repetitive. However, I do think it will be a fun concert jam.

    Cupid's Got a Shotgun. I think this is the countriest song Carrie has ever done. Ever. It goes right to the roots of country music, with folk and outlaw influences. I really like it, and hope Carrie does more of these songs in the future.

    Wine after Whiskey. Similar to Good in Goodbye, I really like the metaphor that it gives. Your first love will always be the best, and anything after that will not be the same. I think there is more truth to that than people give.

    Who Are You. I really like this song, not for the lyrics, but for the melody. I think it shows a new side to Carrie we really haven't seen yet.

    Final Thoughts: There are only a few songs on the album I find relatable. I think that is the albums one major flaw, to be honest (and relatability is an opinion, so just because I feel this way doesn't mean others do too). Other than that, the musical styles, lyrics and vocals are, for the most part, excellent. While I don't think this is Carrie's best album to date (nothing will ever top Carnival Ride, I don't think), I do think this album is MUCH better than Play On. One more thing to note: I think this album is going to grow on me, similar to Kelly Clarkson's My December. When I first heard MD, I really didn't like it very much. Now, it is my favorite album of all time. I really think Blown Away is going to be the same way.
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