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Thread: "Blown Away" will stream via iTunes 4/24

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny_Chisholm View Post
    Why bother paying for something when you can get it free?

    Anyway, the fan club will premiere it first right? I have already taken the morning off from work so I can join in on the fun!
    Kenny ok here it is..I am very happy you are in fan club, but that does not make you any better then us nonfan club ,some of us just can't take 30 dollars and put it on fan club, we would love to be apart of ya'll but we are not. but we still vote for Carrie we still buy her albums we still are the biggest fans. we all love Carrie fan or nonfan club. as far as the itunes I go with everyone else says I think it is good that Carrie peoples are doing this. do you really think they would do this if it was bad for Carrie? so please be happy for us too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rosie08 View Post
    Kenny ok here it is..I am very happy you are in fan club, but that does not make you any better then us nonfan club
    Woah where did that come from? I was merely pointing out that that more people have access to Itunes hence increasing the chances of them just saving the stream and not paying for the actual download come release day. Knowing Itunes they are most likely going to put up a good quality stream and for a longer duration. You have completely misinterpreted my post.
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    Im confused as to what exactly this means- we can find it on itunes or what?

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    I have to agree that it is a good move. Those that are unwilling to get it legally are not going to be swayed no matter what. This album is going to be so artitistcally superb, people are going to want to own it after hearing it. I really think this album is going to send Carrie into the statosphere as an entertainer. Even the haters know her voice is superb. She finally knows that she can usei inflection instead of just big notes. I know what she means with no power ballads.......she really doesn't need them. She is showing so much more with holding back. I am reading so many positive comments about her growth and confidence. So happy the chicken has flown the coop. Also kudos to Mark Bright for focusing on her voice and not over producing. That has been a big complaint on previous albums.
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