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    Carrie On "BEYOND The Hits" - NOW AVAILABLE!!!

    Hey Everyone - long time Carrie fan here, first time thread.

    I had read a couple weeks back in another thread that "You Won't Find This," will be on the new "Beyond The Hits" album. Well, I was just looking on iTunes and it's up a little early (!!!!!). I remembering hearing in an interview that they were going to post it early to help build a little buzz. Let's help them get word out -- I mean, it's helping benefit charity and Carrie, as well!

    Y'all will have to go check it out. I've already bought and downloaded my copy. The whole collection is great. This is such an awesome concept! One of the things I wasn't expecting was the booklet that comes with it. A little backstory from Carrie about the song.

    To download it, go to the country page and look under "New and Noteworthy." At least, that's what I did. I'll let you know if I find a direct link.


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