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    Carrie co-write demo?

    I wonder if this is the "Set It On Fire" demo? The song was recently registered as a co-write by Carrie on her BMI page.

    "Della Rose" is singing the demo, they were an up and coming country group consisting of 3 girls, one of them being Alaina Whitaker, who was on the 7th season of American Idol, but only made the Top 20. She was compared to Carrie a lot. The group is no longer together though.

    I really like the song, if this is indeed it.

    EDIT: Someone just pointed out that this song was uploaded to their MySpace page back in 2009, so this is probably not the same song.

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    Carrie is a cowriter on it, so that would be an easy thing to check on. Check who wrote the song for this band, and then see if it is Carrie, and there you go.

    I think it probably isn't though-- since Carrie's song is newer.

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    I don't think Carrie will put this song into her new album...


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