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    Check It Out

    I have been a member of the posting community on a website called, for about 8 years now. They have a section for posts about American Idol. Under that section there is a thread just for Carrie. I'd like to invite you to go & read the past 2 or 3 pages of posts about last night & keep in mind that most of these people gave Carrie very little chance at a big time career & most were fans of Bo. Seems as the worm has turned...Big Time!!

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    FYI:This is a review from the 1st Opry show last night. For the 2nd show she sang Wasted, Temporary Home & Before He Cheats. I don’t remember ever seeing a review of the Opry before so she must have really floored this guy.

    Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ole Opry - Nashville Country Music |

    Carrie Underwood at the Grand Ole Opry

    Saturday March 26, 2011, Carrie Underwood, the country singer with the sexiest legs on the planet, performed for the second time, in under a month, at the Grand Ole Opry. America’s darling since winning the 2005 American Idol competition, Carrie has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since May 10, 2008. The reigning Queen of Country performs with energy and presence that commands the undivided attention of all whom see/hear her. The Opry strips away the dazzling light shows and over the top pyrotechnics and exposes the flaws of any artist performing on its historic and hollowed stage. The venue forces artists to rely on their own talents and Carrie Underwood’s talents never disappoint. Arguably the greatest female singer of this century and undeniably the best pure singer in country music, Underwood’s voice can oscillate between an angelic whisper and an otherworldly powerful full projection.

    Carrie Underwood played three songs on Saturday night and like Bill Anderson said, when she finished performing, “never been a doubt that she can sing the fire out of a song.” Underwood was introduced by Anderson and before performing her first song Cowboy Casanova she claimed jokingly that she wrote this song for him. As she launched into the song she proved why she is the Queen. Her voice was flawless and intense as she told the story of a player whom breaks the hearts of so many women. She followed the first song with her smash hit Jesus Take the Wheel and her powerful vocal performance lent this song vitality and freshness that made it seem like it was being sung for the first time. She ended the night by rocking out another of her hits Undo It. The adoring throng that rushed the stage before the performance was not disappointed when Carrie turned thanked the audience and walked off stage.

    White Bluff and the rest of Middle Tennessee, if you weren’t at this show you missed a performance from an artist that will go down as one of the great singers of all time, not to mention one of the sexiest ever. Next time she comes to town don’t think, don’t procrastinate, just run out and buy a ticket to see her sing you won’t be disappointed. Credit fansof realitytv

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    ^^ Awesome, Awesome, Awesome review!!! I just smile to myself when I know most of these people were haters originally and now they can't get enough of her! Why couldn't they recognize her talent like we did all those years ago ... maybe they were in denial someone this awesome could come from something like AI, considering it's fairly poor track record recently. Thanks for posting :-)

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