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    Stream Good Girl on Rhapsody, Spotify, etc. New Billboard Chart

    Billboard created a new chart and the way the Hot 100, etc. works. It debuts Wednesday.


    Billboard, the publisher of the Hot 100 singles and other music charts, will be incorporating spins from on-demand streams from services such as Spotify, Rhapsody, Muve, MOG, Slacker and Rdio in determining which songs top its charts. It will also publish a new chart for top on-demand streaming tunes, with the first chart debuting Wednesday.

    The charts will rely on data from Nielsen, which has been tracking digital music streams since 2005, but had not publicly shared the information. In the first 70 days of this year, Nielsen said it captured 4.5 billion audio streams -- 625 million of those in the last week, up from 494 million during the week that ended March 4. Nielsen does not track Pandora, which does not provide data to Nielsen on its personalized radio streaming service to more than 20 million users.

    Billboard magazine's Hot 100 songs chart is getting a digital makeover, though readers might not notice much of a difference when the weekly list is released on Wednesday.

    The trade magazine, or the "bible" as it is known within the music industry, says it will now include data from streaming-music sites and subscription-music services such as Spotify AB, Rhapsody International Inc. and Rdio Inc. to its calculations of a song's popularity. The new data will supplement radio-airplay ratings and digital song sales that currently define the chart.

    Billboard Editorial Director Bill Werde said in an interview that the magazine decided to update its charts now because the current generation of music-streaming services "have only recently hit a critical mass" among users.

    625 million on-demand streams last week
    at $0.005 per stream, that is the equivalent of $3.125 million or ~ 3 million MP3 sold per week. Each week, about 25-28 million MP3 are sold.

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    Thanks for the info!

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    That's actually really cool. It sounds like we can actually give Good Girl a push on the Hot 100. I would love to see it crack the top 10 even though I know that's hard to do.

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    Thanks for the info I been streaming Good Girl everyday on Spotify since they added it

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    Country music scene is not very digital so it's hardly a push for Carrie. She'd get disadvantaged if you ask me.


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