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    I just heard TBC on the radio

    Hey guys I just heard TBC on the radio. Now the video needs to be released now

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    I hadn't heard it on the radio but just a couple times before Christmas and I heard it 3 times yesterday so was thrilled they are finally playing it more - or I've just been lucky! It sounds awesome on the radio - love Carrie's songs as they don't sound like anyone elses. I'm ready for the video now too!!!!

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    I have requested on the radio, but when I listen after I have requested they always play some other Carrie song. I usually figure I must have missed the rotation and since I requested a Carrie song, they play a different one. I have heard BA and GG when I have requested TBC so I guess I should be glad they play Carrie. I just heard the last minute the other morning on the way to work

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    I've been hearing it more and more. Maybe every other day now, and I'm only listening to the radio maybe 1 hour a day.


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