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Thread: 2016 cma

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    Unhappy 2016 cma

    I have been a fan of yours, think you sing awesome, yes people of all ages listen to & watch your videos, appearances on shows. I was personally offended as many of my friends were by a comment you made in 2016 at the Country Music Awards commented that everyone was also given a "BASKET OF DEPLORABLES", I would appreciate what you meant by that? I want to know if you have sold out to Hollywood? I am asking are you suggesting that any Trump voter, as Hillary, the criminal that she is was correct in putting Trump voters in a "basket of deplorables". I would like to assure you that I am in no way deplorable, I come from a military family, lost my only brother & best friend fighting for "OUR" lives at an early age, my father was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, my step father a Korean war veteran, my grandfather a WW1 veteran who was deceased shortly after arriving home from the war. I will state this, the comment you made was very offensive to me, & many others, it will have a lasting impression of your opinion of everyday people who voted for you on American Idol, who have bought your cds & other patronage acts. I could not believe my ears, I just seen the video yesterday, I am disabled in bed at home for now, broken vertebrae in my back that ended in surgery, but people call me spunky for a reason, I'm a christian, I don't just talk it, but try to live it, but we're all human. I am not persuaded by other people in my values, morales nor was I ever, not even as a teenager. I am an intelligent "deplorable", coming from a very small town in Missouri where I chopped & picked cotton, made straight As in high school. I did learn to fly, I have passed multiple state boards, my spouse fought in Iraq, & as my brother did, he fought because the government said go. He survived it but with so many issues which he refuses to fuss about, he has his pride in tact, as I do. I was totally blown away by your statement, & do resent it, playing the political agenda may be popular in Hollyweird as I now call it, have for quite sometime, Hollywood seems to forget who bought their merchandise, & pushed their records, CDs to #1, I'm just really disappointed & this was as your title states a "Carrie Moment". I am so disappointed, but it's not only you, but it was you who said that at a very huge event.

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    This was a joke from Carrie but That is what Hillary Clinton called the Trump Supporters during the campaign. Brad called her a Nasty woman also a joke but said by Trump during the campaign. Carrie would never call anyone that

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