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    WYR used in KY State Cheer competition routine

    I went to the KHSAA State Competitive Cheer even Saturday to see my cousins and one of the high school squads used Whenever You Remember in the music mix for their routine. I don't know if others here have every watched those type of cheer competitions, but they basically do a 2 1/2 minute routine and have a very specialized "cheer" type mix that blends several songs together. So, it was a very dance-like version of WYR. The singing didn't sound much like Carrie, but I'm not sure whether or not that was because they had "sped up" WYR for the cheer mix and or if it was because it wasn't Carrie singing. Does anyone know if anyone else has ever recorded WYR?

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    wow that's awesome!!

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    Judging by the covers on YouTube it also seems to be quite a popular song for people commemorating graduation.

    The only commercial recording I could see is this one (which is an arrangement of the musical track, without singing). It's part of an album of similar tributes.


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